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5 Secrets to an Exceptional Holiday on a Shoestring Budget

‘Tis the season to overspend. Each year, we promise ourselves that we’re not going to go overboard with holiday spending. Each year, it seems it’s difficult to pay the bills in January and beyond. But you can be festive and save money. Here’s how.

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Branch Out

Go branch hunting outside. Spray-paint the branches in a silver or gold, pop them in a vase and voilà, elegant holiday decor. Take it a step further and dangle some ornaments on them or tie a few bows.

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Show Your Cards

Glue leftover cards or those from previous years on a board as holiday artwork. The boards could be trimmed down to the size of a single card or left as a whole board with numerous cards attached to it lined up against a wall or on top of a coffee table.

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Tie it Up

Take your throw pillows and tie them with holiday coloured ribbons either once around the middle or like a Christmas gift. Add a rhinestone pin for an extra kick!

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Brighten Up

Fill large tubular vases with red cranberries to add a beautiful splash of Christmas red to any room. If you don’t have vases, take three or more clear glass wine bottles or other household bottles and fill them with cranberries. You can even take it a step further and add flowers, twigs, or greenery with water. Another easy tip is to fill candle trays with cranberries or even pour them into the centre of your dining table with candles.

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Make Your Own Centrepiece

Take clear vases or bottles, fill them with water, add coloured food colouring — a few drops will do — and float candles in them or just line several up in a row to add a simple, cool holiday accent.