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5 Things To Do With Ice Scrapers

If you own a car, you’ve certainly used an ice scraper this winter. But it can do more than scrape icy windows. Why not put it to work in your home?

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Things To Do With Ice Scrapers (Besides Scrape Ice!)

I bet you never thought of these things to do with ice scrapers, like remove splattered paint, among other things around the house. And think of the money you’re making be repurposing a winter tool!

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Things To Do With Ice Scrapers: Clean Up Bread Dough

You can do what kind of hings with an ice scraper? No matter how much flour you put on your work surface, some of that sticky bread dough always seems to stick to it. A clean ice scraper is just the tool for skimming the sticky stuff off the work surface. In a pinch, a plastic scraper can also substitute for a spatula for nonstick pans.

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What To Do With Your Ice Scaper: Remove Splattered Paint

If you just painted your bathroom and have gotten paint splatters all over your acrylic bathtub, use an ice scraper to remove them without scratching the tub surface. Use ice scrapers to remove paint specks from any other nonmetallic surfaces.

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Use Your Ice Scaper to Smooth Wood Filler

Do you have small gouges in your wood floors? Want to use wood filler to make them smooth again? An ice scraper can help you do the job right. Once you’ve packed wood filler into a hole, the ice scraper is the perfect tool to smooth and level it.

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An Ice Scaper Can Remove Wax From Skis

Every experienced skier knows that old wax buildup on skis can slow you down. An ice scraper can swiftly and neatly take off that old wax and prepare your plows for the next coat.

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Use Your Ice Scraper On Your Freezer

Your windshield isn’t the only place ice and frost build up. Use your ice srcaper when the frost is building up in your freezer.