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5 Tips for the Frugal Easter Bunny

Save time, money, and resources with these Easter tips. Don’t worry, cutting costs and waste doesn’t mean you have to cut into the fun.    

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Don't Leave Easter Until the Last Minute

Don’t Leave Easter Until the Last Minute

Start planning Easter crafts and food with your family three weeks in advance. This gives you time to buy local, find fresh organic foods, and go natural. Preparing crafts and food at home is easier on both the environment and your budget. Browse Family Fun or Planet Green for eco-friendly Easter recipes, crafts, decorations, and games.

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Don't Spend Money on Packaging

Don’t Spend Money on Packaging

Instead of purchasing Easter treats encased in foil, plastic, cardboard or Styrofoam, buy items in bulk. Packaging it yourself will save money and reduce the amount of garbage you throw away. Plus, doing it yourself allows you to manage how much sugar and fat your family eats.

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Don't Buy Artificial Easter Stuffing

Don’t Buy Artificial Easter Stuffing

Instead of the plastic cellophane, shred or cut up colourful newspaper, glossy magazines, flyers, or catalogues. Or, nestle Easter gifts and goodies in cloth such as scarves, hats, or fabric bags. Make dyeing your own eggs part of the Easter fun.

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Don't Throw Easter Away

Don’t Throw Easter Away

Donate leftover Easter food, chocolates, and decorations to a local shelter or food bank (call first to make arrangements). This is a great activity for the whole family. Save excess foil, plastic, and packaging for art projects, homemade birthday or anniversary cards, and “just because I love you” notes.

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Don't Send Easter Cards

Don’t Send Easter Cards

Paper accounts for almost half the waste in landfills. Instead, send a plantable seed paper or paperless e-card.