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7 Ways to Save at the Supermarket

Once you walk through their doors, supermarkets want you to spend, spend, spend. Be aware of the tricks they employ to part you from your hard-earned cash.

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Getting the Runaround

The refrigerator cabinets containing basics, such as milk, juices and butter, are invariably at the back of the store, forcing you to walk past magazines, confectionery and countless other distractions to pick up a litre of milk. If you only need a couple of items, go to a store where you are familiar with the layout and leave with only those items.

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Generic Brands Add Value

Generic-brand goods are rarely prominently displayed-they may be stacked on the top or bottom shelves. The packs may look less interesting, but remember that dried and canned goods don’t need fancy packaging.

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On the Edge

Essential foodstuffs are usually displayed around the perimeter with the more costly ready-meals and prepackaged items in the centre aisles. The more you shop in the outer aisles, the more you’ll save.

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The Eyes Have It

Supermarkets have a trick of placing higher-priced goods at eye level. Look up, or down, to spot the regular-price items on the top or bottom shelf.

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Everything Changes

Just when you’ve mastered the layout of your local store, everything is rearranged. Avoid being tempted by unfamiliar displays and ask a member of staff to tell you where you can find specific items.

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Wits’ End

Items displayed at the end of aisles are not necessarily on sale. The eye-catching signs can be misleading, offering excess stock at regular prices.

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Tasty Copycats

These products are unlikely to be made by the market brand leader but by reputable companies that are often household names (even if the supermarkets are reluctant to reveal their source).