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10 Dog Training Tips to Stop Bad Behaviour

Trying to break a bad doggy habit? Get your pup on the right page by taking some basic tips on how to train your dog.

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1. Who’s the Boss?

Let your pet know who the boss is from the start. Establish the rules and follow them consistently.

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2. Avoid the Wrong Situations

If your pet demonstrates poor behavior in certain situations or environments, avoid those situations as much as possible.

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3. Mind Your Dog

If you keep a close eye on your pet, you’ll quickly learn what it needs to be comfortable and cared for.

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4. Confine Your New Pets

When you get a new pet, make sure you supervise it closely during training and restrict its access to a small area of your home until properly trained.

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5. Reward Good Behaviour

Encourage and reward good behavior.

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6. Provide an Alternative

Correct bad behaviors by providing your pet with alternatives (e.g., swap a toy for your favourite tennis shoes or a chew stick in lieu of a table leg).

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7. Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is good. Never reprimand your pet physically or force it to follow your commands, as this may lead to fear and aggression.

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8. Keep it Tame

Don’t “rough house” with your pet or encourage aggressive behavior, as your pet can’t distinguish between when this is acceptable and when it isn’t.

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9. Socialize Gradually

Slowly socialize your puppy exposing it to other people, animals and environments so that over time, it becomes comfortable with its living situation.

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10. If All Else Fails, See an Expert

If your pet continues to demonstrate serious behaviour problems, seek the counsel of your vet or a veterinary behaviorist.