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4 Ways to Keep Your Pet Pest-Free

As much as you hate fleas, ticks and skunk odour, your pet probably does, too. Help your pets stay clean and pest-free with these easy to follow tips.

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Pick a Tick

If you live in a tick-infested area, spot-check your pet for ticks every night before you go to bed (and don’t let the animal accompany you there). Animals get Lyme disease, too, and it’s important to remove ticks promptly. Also, don’t forget to keep a small cup of bleach nearby when you’re de-ticking. Depositing the ticks in a cup as they’re removed will kill them on the spot.

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Collar Fleas

A weekly vacuuming of rugs and floors is an effective way to keep fleas under control. For extra punch, toss a piece of flea collar into the bag of the vacuum cleaner to kill any fleas before they can multiply. Make sure to stretch the collar first, to activate it.

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Starve an Ant

During ant season, place a pet’s food dish in the centre of a pie pan filled with water to keep ants out of the food.

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Stump a Skunk

When a pet gets skunked, deodorize him with a bath of equal parts white vinegar and warm water instead of the usual tomato juice concoction. Vinegar is a lot cheaper and works just as well at removing odours.