5 Dancing Dogs

Check out five videos of dogs showing off their dance moves.

 5 Dancing Dogs
These pooches love hitting the dance floor. Check out videos of dogs dancing and grooving to all types of music.

Gin the Dancing Dog

Check out owner Kate showing off her pooch Gin’s freestyle moves on the UK reality show Britain’s Got Talent.

Pepper Dancing to Achy Breaky Heart

Border Collie Pepper proves he could easily fit in at a country western hoedown.

Bailey Does the Conga

Gloria Estefan’s upbeat tune Conga is the soundtrack for Bailey’s fancy footwork. Or should we say, paw work?

Tap Dancing Yorkie

This adorable Yorkshire Terrier demonstrates her coordination by doing a little tap dancing for the camera.

Dog Does Ballet Dancing

It’s recital time! Rylee the Pug is all dressed up in a pink tutu and ready to show off her graceful moves.

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