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5 Great Pop Culture Cat Moments

Curl up with some of pop culture’s coolest cat moments, from Keyboard Cat to the famous “Hang in There” poster.

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Everybody Loves Cats

Dogs might seem like the most popular pets with all the attention they get in the media, but the cat population in the U.S. outnumbers dogs by more than 10 million — and that balance is especially evident in one place: the internet.

The Globe and Mail observed that a Google search of the ubiquitous phrase “lolcat” yeilds 5 million results while a canine counterpart, “loldog,” clearly never took off — returning just 69,300 items.

But our visual obsession with felines didn’t begin with the world wide web — the internet simply became a vehicle to create and gather these images and then transport them into our lives.

Here’s the look back at how it all began:

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Harry Whittier Frees’ Photos

1906: Life magazine dubs Harry Whittier Frees the “most famed U.S. photographer of dressed-up animals.”

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The Laughing Cat Strikes Gold

1929: Parents magazine publishes an ad for “a genuine photograph” of the Laughing Cat: Every mother will want one for the nursery, it says. And she could, for $1.

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Hang In There!

1973: Under pressure to resign, Richard Nixon’s vice-president, Spiro Agnew, is presented by supporters with a popular inspirational poster of a kitten dangling from a branch. It reads “Hang in there, baby.”

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Keyboard Cat

1984: Artist Charlie Schmidt makes a keyboard-playing hand puppet out of his cat Fatso and videotapes it. Fatso dies in 1987, 20 years before he becomes a YouTube superstar.

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2006: The anything-goes imageboard 4chan creates, and falls in love with, lolcats.

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