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6 Pampered-Pet Products

We love our pets. So much so that our furry friends are considered a part of the family. And, naturally, we like to spoil them from time to time by getting them the very best items. Here are some popular pet products currently available on the market.

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Lucy the dachshund has a custom-built “wheelchair” and a Facebook page, says owner Robyn Quinn, in Victoria. And in Regina, Morgan Beaudry’s five cats have tents, toys, plush beds and carpeted condos that “cost the Earth.”


Hardly surprising. “People see their pets as family,” says Susan Dankert of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada. In this age of Facebook relationships, pets are companions you can reach out and touch. “It feels good to spoil them.”


Looking to lavish love on Fifi or Fido? Dankert and veterinarian Doug Roberts from Kentville, N.S., give the scoop on some popular pet products.


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1. Front Carriers

Wearing your petite pooch so she can see the action? “Dogs are better off walking,” advises Roberts.

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2. Seat Belts

If you can’t fit a dog crate in your car, a special seat belt for dogs is a good option. In the event of an accident, your dog will be restrained. Plus, this keeps him off the driver’s lap.

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3. Bling

Rhinestone collars and matching leashes are popular for dogs and cats, says Dankert. Go for quality, to ensure the stones don’t fall out. “Dogs will eat anything,” says Roberts.



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4. Boots

For walks in inclement weather, Mississaugan Marjo Johne always dressed Mudd, her Maltese, in boots. For dogs with paws sensitive to cold or salt, boots can be a boon, says Roberts-or apply petroleum jelly to the paws instead.

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5. Ramps

A portable ramp helps pets climb into the car or onto the couch for snuggle time. Dogs with orthopedic issues or arthritis especially appreciate this leg-up.

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6. Cat Toys

Get cats moving with feather or string toys. Chasing a laser pointer also works. Or try Beaudry’s cats’ all-time favourite toy-a cardboard box.


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