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8 Ways to Keep Kids Safe from Dog Bites

Biting is every dog owner and parent’s worst nightmare. Follow these easy tips to make sure your child knows how to play safely with dogs of all sizes.

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Keeping Kids Safe Around Dogs

Dogs can make great playmates for kids. Here’s how to minimize your child’s chances of being bitten by one of them:

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1. Respect Your Dog

Children should be taught to respect their pets; this includes not disturbing them while they’re eating, sleeping, or chewing or playing with a toy or bone.

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2. Give Dogs Space

Dogs should never be cornered against a wall or furniture, or in their resting places.

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3. Appearances Can be Deceiving

Teach your children that unfamiliar dogs – no matter how small, cute or fluffy – should not be touched or approached without adult permission.

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4. Hold Your Ground

Kids should be taught to walk away slowly and not to run – when confronted by a growling dog.

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5. Keep Some Distance

Children should avoid close face-to-face contact with dogs.

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6. Enhance Your Dog’s Familiarity

Puppy owners should expose their young dogs to a variety of other pets as well as children of different ages. Familiarity reduces fear.

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7. Get them Fixed

Non-neutered male dogs are more likely to bite than are neutered ones, so consider having them neutered.

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8. Know Your Dog’s History

Never leave an infant or small child unattended with a dog. A dog with a history of biting should be confined or restrained in the presence of small children.