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See the Cutest Cat Breeds as Kittens

What do the Cat Fanciers' Association's 44 most popular cat breeds look like as kittens? Get ready for some adorable pics.

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Beautiful Abyssinian CatAlla Lla/Shutterstock


The Abyssinian is a regal-looking cat marked for being one of the oldest known breeds. This cat is recognized by its muscular body, arched neck, and large ears. Its eyes are shaped like almonds, and it resembles paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats. The Aby first made its appearance in America via England in the early 1900s. It makes a great pet, and you will likely agree with Carolyn Osier, author of Abyssinian Breeders International Kitten Buyer’s Guide: “There is probably no breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby.”

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Cutest cat breedsIevgeniia Miroshnichenko/Shutterstock

American bobtail

Commonly known for its wild appearance, the American bobtail is also seen as loving, playful, and really smart. They are medium to large cats, recognized by their rectangular bodies and broad heads with a clear whisker break above the muzzle. Their muscular appearance makes them seem heavier than they really are, and, as you may have guessed, their short tail makes them similar to the bobtailed wildcat. But don’t worry, these cats make great pets and enjoy playing games with their humans and even dogs.

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Close-up american curl kitten 7 month oldjanekub/Shutterstock

American curl

The American curl can be short-haired or long-haired, but that’s not where the name comes from. The curl part was derived from its adorable backward-curling ears, which give it a happy look. According to Vetstreet, this cat first made its appearance in the early 1980s and, while it is family-friendly, it’s better with older kids.

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Cute American shorthair cat kittenTop Photo Engineer/Shutterstock

American shorthair

As the name suggests, this cat has short hair, and it comes in a variety of colours and patterns. The American shorthair is full of muscle and gets up to 12 pounds. According to Hill’s, these cats are equally happy hanging out with the family and taking some alone time for naps in the sun. Its first recorded breeding record comes from 1904.

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The American wirehair cat.Boyloso/Shutterstock

American wirehair

As the name indicates, this cat has a wired coat, though it varies in its colour and pattern. The American wirehair is descended from a spontaneous mutation from farm cats in upstate New York. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), these cats are easy to care for and resistant to disease. They don’t talk too much and they are pretty mellow.

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balinese kitten sitting on a table in a garden brick wall and yellow flowers on a backgroundYura2087/Shutterstock


This breed isn’t as well-known as the look-alike Siamese. The two share a similar body type, colouring, and striking blue eyes; the main differences are that the Balinese has a silky, flowing coat and its tail forms a beautiful plume—it might just be one of the cutest cat breeds around. Grooming is simple, because the coat does not mat, which is nice if you have a busy schedule. Even though this cat looks regal with its sapphire eyes, it’s known for being silly and having a big heart.

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Kittens of Bengal breed at homeMarry Kolesnik/Shutterstock


Oh no—it’s a wildcat lying on the couch! Not really, but the Bengal is richly coloured with vivid spots or marbling, making it another one of the cutest cat breeds. In addition to being good-looking, its playfulness and intelligence make it a great family pet. These cats are active and need a good bit of attention but get along well with other pets. Most Bengals like water, so they might enjoy watching you brush your teeth or even decide to jump in the shower with you.

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Young adorable white Sacred Birman kittenJuhku/Shutterstock


The Birman is long-haired and known for its silky coat, deep blue eyes, and white gloves or socks on each paw. Rumour has it these cats were companions of temple priests in northern Burma, but from there, their story takes a turn for the worse. During World War II, Birmans were nearly wiped out of Europe. But two were kept safe, so we still get to enjoy one of the cutest cat breeds today.

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cute black bombay cat with bright yellow eyesEvdoha_spb/Shutterstock


These mini panthers will steal your heart with their copper eyes and short black hair. According to the CFA, the goal is to produce cats who look like panthers; they don’t actually have any wild blood in them (but you don’t have to tell your Bombay that). These cuties can be leash-trained but are known for being mischievous. If you’re looking for an independent cat, keep going—this one wants to play and snuggle.

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British Blue Silver Kitten. Little Cat Playing with Mouse ToyFaroe/Shutterstock

British shorthair

Pet owners will get some laughs with this clumsy cat. But it’s also easygoing, calm, and quiet. British shorthairs are medium to large in size with dense coats, and the male gets up to 17 pounds. You might think of them as blue cats, but they actually vary in colour and pattern. The CFA refers to them as purring teddy-bear cats with large round eyes. Just don’t pick your British shorthair up; it’s not their cup of tea. They’re great with the whole family, even little ones and other pets, including dogs, rabbits, and birds.

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