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45 Photos of Funny Farm Animals That Are Sure to Make You Grin

Say cheese—or moo, or neigh! This photo gallery of hilarious farm animals showcases the lighter side of country living.

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chicken on head

Image Credits: Courtesy Beverly McMullin/Country

Feathered hat

Blu McMullin doesn’t mind a bit when the chickens hop onto his hat. His mom, Beverly, says these funny farm animals make Blu’s world a happy place.

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stacy booth

Image Credits: Courtesy Stacy Booth/Country

Say cheese

“I gave my best friend Ace a mint just before taking a selfie with him. Just as I clicked the camera, he made this face all on his own,” says Stacy Booth.

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janeka ausmus

Image Credits: Courtesy Janeka Ausmus/Country

Playing house

“My miniature goat kids, Leo and Jude, were born in January of this year. I got them a playhouse and they play in it all the time,” says Janeka Ausmus.

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cally gustafson

Image Credits: Courtesy Cally Gustafson/Country


“My daughter Autumn holds our beloved chickens. These friendly family members love to bounce on the trampoline with her during their ‘backyard free time,’” says Cally Gustafson.

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aubrey valentine

Image Credits: Courtesy Aubrey Valentin/Country

Snack time

“Spud, the goat, will eat just about anything our two-year-old daughter, Mya, tries to put in his mouth, including this small sour apple from the apple tree,” says Aubrey Valentin.

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austin foth

Image Credits: Courtesy Austin Foth/Country

Farmer’s tan

“Raising bottle calves is the best experience I have ever had. This bull calf likes to have fun and make me laugh,” says Austin Foth.

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cam barkan

Image Credits: Courtesy Stacy Barkan/Country

Farm friends

“When we got Oscar the cat, Scooter, our goat, wanted to meet him. The cat loves these goats so much now, that he actually sleeps with them every night. True friendship right here in this photo,” says Stacy Barkan.

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Image Credits: Courtesy Nancy Chocker/Country

Three little pigs

“Hocus, Pocus, and Focus live on my cousin’s farm,” says Nancy Chocker. See if you can spot the animals camouflaged in these photos.

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erin langsdorf

Image Credits: Courtesy Erin Langsdorf/Country

Sledding time

“There’s nothing better than a pet chicken who enjoys everything you allow her to try! My son pulling her on his sled sure made this holiday season memorable,” says Erin Langsdorf.

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kait margavio

Image Credits: Courtesy Kait Margavio/Country

Chicken selfie

“This is my leghorn pullet, Foghorn; soaking up the sunshine after a few very cold days. I was trying to take a picture of some new guineas added to the flock, but she insisted on being in on the action,” says Kait Margavio.

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candace asbury

Image Credits: Courtesy Candace Asbury/Country

Hay hair

“We had just placed a new round bale of hay outside for our horse Wrangler. As she eats, she makes a circle in the hay and will put her head inside to get another bite. When she pulled her head out, she looked so cute and funny,” says Candace Asbury.

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crystal lawrence

Image Credits: Courtesy Crystal Lawrence/Country

Nail polish pecker

“I love how candid and fun this photo is. The chicken wanted to peck her bright blue fingernails,” says Crystal Lawrence.

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joey icenhour

Image Credits: Courtesy Joey Icenhour/Country

Photo bomb

“I was at the right place at the right time. We were doing a family shoot on a farm when this happened,” says Joey Icenhour.

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shelia babin

Image Credits: Courtesy Sheila Babin/Country

Really big hummingbirds

“Well, it looks like I put the bird feeder a little close to the fence. The cows thought they would just help themselves to a little snack,” says Sheila Babin.

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britney denman

Image Credits: Courtesy Britney Denman/Country

Pignic basket

“Penny Lou is a mini piglet that loves food with a passion. She doesn’t want to share the picnic lunch with any of us, but we still love her and she makes us smile,” says Britney Denman.

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evelyn rogers

Image Credits: Courtesy Evelyn Rogers/Country

Same smiles

“When horses taste something they don’t like, they’ll put their lips up and look like they’re laughing. Our grandson decided to make a face like Midnight’s after she received a dose of medicine, and I was able to catch this spontaneous and hilarious moment,” says Evelyn Rogers.

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shantel wenger

Image Credits: Courtesy Shantel Wenger/Country

Just a taste

“I love visiting my sister at the dairy farm where she works. It’s always fun to see the newborn calves as well as visit the heifers. The girls love the attention and will try to lick anything that is within reach,” says Shantel Wenger.

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allison geshinsky

Image Credits: Courtesy Allison Geshinsky/Country

The flying goat

“This is one of my favourite pictures of one of my favourite goats, Charlie. I think his airplane ears are so unique, and I also love how this picture captures his friendly, bold personality,” says Allison Geshinsky.

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april surprenant

Image Credits: Courtesy April Suprenant/Country

Neigh neigh boo boo

“While in Newport, Rhode Island, for a weekend we pulled over so I could take some photos of the horses. Little did I know that this horse didn’t like its photo taken and stuck its tongue out at me,” says April Surprenant.

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becky wofford

Image Credits: Courtesy Becky Wofford/Country

Babysitting the kids

“Our livestock guardian dog, Theodore, was patient while these triplets played ring around the rosy with him! He laid there for quite a while and let them play with his tail and jump all over him,” says Becky Wofford.

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candice estep

Image Credits: Courtesy Candice Estep/Country

You got something right there

“We have an eclectic funny farm mix of animals. Seeing them all interact is fun. This particular moment caught my eye on one foggy morning, as our longhorn was helping lick the face of one of our white mixed breed steers,” says Candice Estep.

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crystal hunter

Image Credits: Courtesy Crystal Hunter/Country

Hello up there

“This photo of my youngest daughter, Anna, brings back so many happy memories of raising hens and chicks when our home-schooling science projects became pets,” says Crystal Hunter.

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wheelbarrow ride

Image Credits: Courtesy Karen Dubose/Country

Wheelbarrow ride

“Jacob was so excited the first day he met our two-week-old baby goat, Henry. The little goat kid jumped into his wheelbarrow. Of course, the ride didn’t last long, as baby goats don’t sit still very long,” says Karen Dubose.

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cow in truck

Image Credits: Courtesy Lorianne Ende/Country

Truck cab companion

“We bought this Jersey calf in the wintertime. It was too cold to haul it in the back of the truck so, of course, he got to ride in the front cab where it was nice and warm,” says Lorianne Ende.

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Image Credits: Courtesy Mark Sachs/Country

Chicken playtime

“What’s ours is ours, what’s yours is ours. Chickens gotta relax, too” says Mark Sachs.

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cow roses

Image Credits: Courtesy Crystal Kupper/Country

Caught the bouquet

“I was taking photos by a pasture near my parents’ home in honour of their 42nd wedding anniversary. Just as I was about to take a photo, one of the neighbour’s cows wandered over and started eating the bouquet! I love the look of delight and surprise on my mother’s face, while my dad doesn’t realize what’s happening,” says Crystal Kupper.

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dog harvey

Image Credits: Courtesy Melanie Harvey/Country

When’s dinner?

“My dog, Bella, is a very gentle, laid-back family companion. As with most Labs, she loves to play. Her favourite toy is an old frying pan,” says Melanie Harvey.

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amy finnegan

Image Credits: Courtesy Amy Finnegan/Farm & Ranch Living

Stop it, Mom!

Aile is a beautiful Scottish Highlander calf with a Gaelic name that means fire. She was born on a gorgeous February day,” says Amy Finnegan.

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angie crow

Image Credits: Courtesy Angie Crow/Farm & Ranch Living

Hot tub time

“Our son Josh has been going out to check our pastures. He took this picture of our calf sitting in an old water tank. I guess the calf wanted his own hot tub,” says Angie Crow.

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piglet pal

Image Credits: Courtesy Brande Watson/Farm & Ranch Living

Piglet pal

“These two are best buds! If you see one you see the other,” says Brande Watson.

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cow back ride

Image Credits: Courtesy Brenda Kelly/Farm & Ranch Living

Cow-back rides

“We have never had such close-knit cows and cats as this group of snuggle buddies. When there is a chill outside, they find a friend to warm up with,” says Brenda Kelly.

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horse with cowboy hat

Image Credits: Courtesy Catherine Beall/Farm & Ranch Living

My favourite hat

“This is Dallas, our newest member of the family. She is a sweetheart and will let you do anything with her as long as she gets a carrot,” says Catherine Beall.

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horse modeling

Image Credits: Courtesy Donna Wilson/Farm & Ranch Living

Top model

“I feel like this draft horse is saying, ‘Come on, showtime’s over. Get all this stuff off of me,” says Donna Wilson.

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big cow ears

Image Credits: Courtesy Farrah Hargett/Farm & Ranch Living

What big ears you have

“This little sweetie holds a special place in my heart! I’m so proud to have another Brahman addition to our farm,” says Farrah Hargett.

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furry feline

Image Credits: Courtesy Janell Westerman/Farm & Ranch Living

Furry feline

“My barn buddies are Julia, Frizty, and Puff. They wait every morning by the barn and when they see me, they all come running to be petted. The cats then wait patiently until the chores are all done, then escort me back to the house,” says Janell Westerman.

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neigh neigh

Image Credits: Courtesy Jean Owens/Farm & Ranch Living

Watch me neigh neigh

“Some friends had five mule colts born in late spring and early summer. Many times, I drive by to try and catch them being playful,” says Jean Owens.

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pose pretty

Image Credits: Courtesy Jessica Roberts/ Farm & Ranch Living

Pose pretty

“I adore this photo taken of my eldest daughter with a goat at a pumpkin patch petting zoo five years ago. They have the same expression and even her pigtails and the goat’s ears match,” says Jessica Roberts.

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tractor ride

Image Credits: Courtesy Jim Garrett/Farm & Ranch Living

Tractor ride

“My wife says our French pointer, Millie, doesn’t take a bad picture. I think having a 1949 Farmall under her makes it even better,” says Jim Garrett.

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wanna race

Image Credits: Courtesy Karen Evens/Farm & Ranch Living

Wanna race?

“This was our first time raising a bucket calf, Little Red. The picture was taken the first time we put him in the corral with our horse, Chance. I was lucky to snap this picture of them having some fun together,” says Karen Evens.

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lydia holste

Image Credits: Courtesy Lydia Holste/Farm & Ranch Living

Save a seat

“My grandma Doris uses her golf cart to get around the farm. She enjoys taking her great-grandkids for rides, and you’ll usually see Chief riding along with her,” says Lydia Holste.

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donkey smile

Image Credits: Courtesy Peige Morgan/Farm & Ranch Living

A winning smile

“This is our donkey, Gus. He is the oldest animal on our farm, but always the first to greet you as you pull up the drive. He loves to show his teeth for carrots,” says Peige Morgan.

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hitchhiking goat

Image Credits: Courtesy Richard Fischer/Farm & Ranch Living

Hitchhiking goat

“Maxine the Nubian goat is the only member of the herd that Derby the miniature donkey allows to hitch a ride on his back,” says Richard Fischer.

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piggy pool

Image Credits: Courtesy Sandy Renko/Farm & Ranch Living

Piggy pool

This is Cloe, my two-year-old sow, trying to stay cool on a hot summer day. She has several pools of water to lay in to keep cool, but this is her favourite,” says Sandy Renko.

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dress in layers

Image Credits: Courtesy Summer Lackey/Farm & Ranch Living

Dress in layers

“Gypsy is our friendliest and most outspoken miniature horse. One fall evening I spent some time grooming her and decided that she might like to try on my jacket. She looks rather dashing in it in the photo,” says Summer Lackey.

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pigs with water

Image Credits: Courtesy Tawny Nelson/Farm & Ranch Living

Happy hogs

“Our sister was out of town, so it was our turn to care for Meeny, Miny, and Moe. We turned on the water to wet them down in the heat, and their happiness was quite contagious! We couldn’t stop smiling,” says Tawny Nelson.

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