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Great Pet Gift Ideas

Your pet doesn’t even know what Christmas is, but why not take advantage of the holiday to spoil her a little? Gift options for your dog, cat, or other animal range from the excessive to the practical to the altruistic-read on for a few ideas.

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Involve your pet in the Christmas fun with a whimsical gift.

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Tasty Treats

Tasty Treats

Dr. Harvey’s Avian Treats are intended for large parrots, but they’re so delicious, you just might wind up eating them yourself. These fun snacks are made from a variety of nut butters and nuts, in flavours like Pecan Cashew Goody and Filbert Yummy.

Grow fresh, tasty grass right in your home for your bird, rabbit, or other small animal to nibble on. Treat Greens are 100% organic, come in two flavour blends, and are an easy, wholesome way to nourish and entertain your pet.

  Katie’s Farm is Canada’s first organic pet-food maker, and the only of its kind to grow its own ingredients. Their treats include meat-free and allergy-friendly options, and none are made with wheat. Check out one of these Maritime stores or order your dog or cat food directly.

For a fun twist on the usual doggy treat, order some Kung Fu Fido fortune cookies from Sojo’s. Dogs love the taste of these all-natural cookies; you’ll love groaning at the pooch-themed fortunes, like “Don’t forget to stop and eat the roses.”

Veg-to-Bowl for Cats, made by Dr. Harvey’s, is a great way to ensure your kitty is getting proper nutrition. Simply mix this herb-and-veggie blend with meat and oil, or whatever mix you’re already feeding your cat, and feel better about her health.

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Fun Accessories

Fun Accessories

Unpacking a stocking is the best part of Christmas morning-get your dog or cat in on the fun with a Pet Stocking from Greg Robert. Available in several different sizes, each stocking is stuffed with fun treats and toys.

Feel good about what your pet wears with an Eco Sport Collar from Frontgate. Made from 100% recycled materials, the Eco Sport Collar comes in several stylish colours.

Looking for something a little more frivolous? Why not get some dog panties from Poochie Heaven? No, that is not a joke-in addition to looking hilarious, panties are helpful for dogs in heat or with incontinence issues. Check out this adorable pink number, or these cute referee stripes.

If you’re looking to get your pup in the festive mood, check out this line of holiday accessories from Trixie and Peanut. In addition to an elf suit and Christmas treats, it’s even got Jewish-themed gifts for the Hannukah-celebrating dog on your list.

For your kitty, go all-out on this ultra-hip Climb Condo from Muttropolis. Stackable, made of wood and cotton, filled with fun climbing holes, this is the ultimate cat playground.

Creepy-crawlies deserve gifts, too! Spoil your reptile with a hyper-realistic terrarium addition from Pets & Ponds. Order a 50-foot Trex Bio Vine or a Fluker Bend-a-Branch to create an elaborate display.

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Gifts for Pet Lovers

Gifts for Pet Lovers

It just might be the greatest idea of all time: a system to train cats to use an actual toilet. Get the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit for the cat owner on your list who can’t stand cleaning up litter.

Speaking of poop: the Dog Doo Disposal Unit from Critter Cottage is a less messy, more sustainable way to get rid of your pooch’s business. Part septic tank, part compost system, the Dog Doo Disposal Unit goes directly into your garden, and just needs water to work. Nourish your flowers and get rid of Shadow’s waste, all at once!

Also for the eco-conscious pet owner, order an Eco-Me Cat or Dog Starter Kit. These handy packages contain everything you need to create all-natural flea spray, treats, and more. It’ll help both pet and owner go green.

If you know someone who just happens to be both a pet lover and astrology devotee, here are the perfect books: Zodiac Cats or Zodiac Dogs. Learn how the alignment of the stars affects our furred friends!

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Give to Animals in Need

Give to Animals in Need

Let’s face it: your dog may love treats, but she’s not going to know if she was snubbed on Christmas. Instead of getting her a present, consider giving time or money to a shelter, or another worthy animal cause. It’s easy to find pet shelters near you, and they’re always in dire need of volunteers and resources.

Or make a donation to a wildlife charity, in order to help your pet’s untamed relatives. Save the Ethiopian Wolf-the rarest canine in the world-or the beautiful Snow Leopard. Your pet will understand that some animals need your help even more than she does.