These Pandemic Pet Adoption Stories Will Warm Your Heart

Over the past year, an unprecedented number of Canadians opened their homes—and their hearts—to furry new friends. Here are just a few of the lucky dogs and cats who found loving families during the COVID lockdown.

Pandemic Pet Adoption - Marlene's Shih TzuPhoto: Marlene Anderson


Marlene Anderson of Midland, Ontario, adopted this adorable pup—Charlie—back in November 2020, and captured this sweet selfie on the day of the adoption. “We bonded immediately, and basically we rescued each other,” Marlene writes. “He is a six-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu mix. He is definitely keeping me sane during these isolated times.”

Pandemic Pet Adoption - Marlene's Shih Tzu on rockPhoto: Marlene Anderson

“It’s like we’ve been together for the full six years of his life,” Marlene says, adding, “He’s a perfect walking companion!”

Pandemic Pet Adoption - Charlie at ChristmasPhoto: Marlene Anderson

“I was a little hesitant at first about adopting a rescue dog since you don’t know anything about their past, but Charlie is so loving and we are a perfect fit,” says Marlene. We’re so happy you found each other!

Pandemic Pet Adoption - Grey KittyPhoto: Rebecca Bromberger


Altogether now—“Aww!” This impossibly cute kitten found his forever home with Rebecca Bromberger’s family in Barrhead, Alberta during the pandemic. Even the story behind his name is sweet: “We found him abandoned under a spruce tree,” Rebecca writes. “He is now a very happy inside kitty.”

Pandemic Pet Adoption - ChihuahuaPhoto: Dan Wever


How could you ever say no to that little face? Kona was welcomed home by Dan Wever of Grande Prairie, Alberta back in October. “She is full of energy and is turning out to be a great companion,” Dan says. “Having a pet in these trying times with the pandemic is such a great stress relief.”

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Pandemic Pet Adoption - Brown dog in carPhoto: Sheila Drury


Welcome to Canada, Baxter! Sheila Drury of Mount Hope, Ontario, captured this sweet shot of her Texan-born fur baby en route to his new home. “What is he thinking?” Sheila muses. “‘Jim, watch out for that transport? Or what is all that white stuff on the ground? They didn’t have that in Texas!'” We hope this handsome boy is settling in nicely, Sheila!

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Pandemic Pet Adoption - White CatPhoto: Cat foster program, courtesy Bev Colwell


Bev Colwell of Oshawa, Ontario is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this majestic feline, who’s got quite the journey ahead of him. “I am adopting this gorgeous cat from a rescue group in Egypt,” Bev writes. “He will be arriving soon, with a group of cats rescued from the streets.” She’s even got the perfect new name lined up for him—Cairo!

Pandemic Pet Adoption - Two DogsPhoto: Christine Cobel


Rescued from a box at the side of the road, Roxy is one lucky pooch to have found a home with Christine Cobel of Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario. “Roxy is sweet, affectionate, smart and playful,” says Christine. “She is the love of our lives and I keeps 11 year old rescue, Sam, great company.” They already look inseparable!

Pandemic Pet Adoption - KodaPhoto: Tammy Green


“My daughter’s puppy Koda travelled from Ontario to Blanc Sablon, Quebec, back in March 2020,” writes Tammy Green. “Once he arrived, the whole family took to this little guy.” Having clocked more than 2,000 kilometres on the journey, that’s one well-travelled pup!

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