Tips for Affordable Pet Owning

No matter the animal, owning a pet can quickly become a financial burden. To save money while still being a good caregiver, you need to avoid cutting corners-simply spending smarter. Below, clues on how to give more for less.

Tips for Affordable Pet Owning

Lower the cost of a special diet

Did your vet put your pet on an expensive diet? If so, ask a nearby discount pet store if it can order what your pet needs for less than what the vet charges you. There may also be a generic version-ask at the store for any advice they can offer you to help keep your pet well and your wallet full!

Don’t overfeed or overspend

An easy way to save money on pet food is by feeding your pet what is recommended and not overfeeding. Follow the guidelines on the package of food and adjust according to what your pet needs. You should be able to feel your pet’s ribs, but his backbone shouldn’t stick out.

Trade pet-sitting services

Do you have a friend with a pet? Ask her to swap pet-sitting services with you. She comes to your house to feed and exercise your pet when you’re away, and you do the same for her. You both save on boarding costs, and your pets will be happier, too.

Spay and neuter for health and savings

You’ll save money not caring for litters and by keeping your pet healthy. Female pets will have lower rates of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer, and male pets will have lower rates of testicular cancer.

Take a shot at savings

Fido may need to be vaccinated, but he doesn’t need the most expensive shot-giver around. Take him to a veterinary college, or even a pet store or mobile vaccination clinic (sponsored by a pet store) for reduced-cost vaccinations.

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