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10 Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

Dress up your own kids or let the utter cuteness of these costumes give you a laugh. These quirky and adorable baby get-ups are a real Halloween treat. 

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Baby Monkey

What’s more adorable than your little monkey dressed as a little monkey? This costume has a hood and booties to keep warm and a snap leg closure for easy changing. So cute!

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Heinz Ketchup Packet

So cute, you’ll just want to squeeze it! This little condiment costume is an instant crowd-pleaser-without all the mess. 

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Little Lobster

Is putting a toddler in a tin pot convenient-or barbaric? Either way, here’s your chance to don your chef’s hat and snag some of those Halloween goodies for yourself.

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Slice of Pizza

This little costume is deliciously funny and perfectly portable. The best part? All you need to wear as a parent is a bit of an appetite. 

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Sushi Baby

The only thing trendier than sushi itself is this little rice and fish outfit. Dress up your little one, channel your inner Japanese chef, and don’t forget the chopsticks!  

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Lil’ Puppy

This adorable little puppy costume is perfect for infants. Who doesn’t love a puppy!

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Baby Elvis

Your baby may be more hound dog crier than country crooner, but he can still rule Halloween. This little King get-up is so ridiculous, it’s funny. 

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Crayola Crayons

Draw crowds of admirers with these classic crayon costumes. A little childhood nostalgia can’t hurt your candy chances either.  

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Lil’ Vampire Pacifier

For something a little easier and a lot quieter, spookify your baby with a set of vampire fangs. Who knew teething could be this simple-and terrifying?

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Whoopie Cushion

Is this funny, inappropriate, or both? One thing is for sure: Dress your little one up as this embarassing childhood noisemaker and you’re bound to get at least a few Halloween-perfect looks of horror. 

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