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13 Reasons Bananas Are Healthy

Bananas are one of the most popular items on any produce aisle throughout the world. But just how much do you know about the soft, sweet fruit? Find out why bananas are healthy. 

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Healthy Bananas: Most Radioactive Foods

Bananas are healthy because of potassium. The high level of potassium in bananas makes it a food with some of the most radioactivity. About 600 bananas equals the same amount of radioactivity exposure as one chest X-ray.

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Healthy Bananas: Different Colours

Bananas are not only healthy but come in different colours. Among the 500 varieties of banana, some are also red and purple. Red bananas are smaller and plumper than yellow bananas and have a sweet, raspberry flavor; purple bananas are grown in Southeast Asia and are often used in cooking.

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Healthy Bananas: They Grow in Hands

Healthy bananas grow in clusters. A cluster of 10 to 20 bananas is called a hand. Each individual banana is called a finger. 

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Healthy Bananas: India

With more than 16 million metric tons of bananas a year, India leads all other countries in banana production. More than 100 countries grow bananas, including Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador. 

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Healthy Bananas: Nutritional Powerhouse

Full of potassium, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin C, bananas are an easily portable, nutrition-filled snack of only about 100 calories. Get the most antioxidant benefit from bananas by allowing them to fully ripen. This is why bananas are healthy! 

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Healthy Bananas: Ease Teething Pain

Bananas are not only healthy but frozen peeled bananas can help with baby teething pain. As the banana thaws, the cool fruit soothes the gums.

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Healthy Bananas: Don’t Grow on Trees

Bananas are the fruit from a giant herb that can grow from about 10 to 26 feet (3 to 8 meters). As a berry fruit, the banana is healthy and is also related to ginger, cardamom, and turmeric.

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Healthy Bananas: Long History

References to bananas can be found in Greek, Hindu, Roman, and Islamic religious texts. Archeologists have found evidence this healthy fruit may have been the first fruit that humans cultivated.

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Healthy Bananas: Peels Are Edible

Although healthy banana peels have a tougher, stringier texture than the inside of a banana, they’re perfectly safe to eat. In some countries, the peels are used to make wine, beer, and vinegar.

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Healthy Bananas: Allergies

Similar to avocados, bananas have the chemical chitinases that can provoke latex-fruit allergy in some people. Those who have latex allergies may be allergic to bananas, too. However, cooking bananas may lessen the effect of this chemical. However, bananas are healthy for those who are not allergic. 

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Healthy Bananas: First Aid Kit

Because cluster headaches are sometimes caused by potassium deficiency, the potassium-rich banana can be a cure. Also, banana peels can ease the swelling and itching from insect stings. Healthy bananas can also be a remedy for upset stomachs.

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Healthy Bananas: Sweeten With Age

As healthy bananas ripen, starches turn into sugar, making the fruit taste sweeter. To speed ripening of a bananas, place them in a paper bag. Don’t store bananas in the refrigerator. This can halt the ripening process and cause the banana not to fully ripen.

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Healthy Bananas: Stronger Bones

Healthy bananas can increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which can increase bone strength.

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