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15 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters

Looking for a great Christmas gag gift? Fortunately, the folks behind the book “Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater” shared their favourite tacky Christmas sweaters to help inspire your next shopping spree.

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“Who loves cookies and milk? This guy loves cookies and milk.”

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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Sunny skies and warm weather won’t stop these two from rocking their tacky Christmas sweaters.

(Jim Smith/

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Ugly Christmas sweaters come in many denominations as long as you’re a believer in the tackiness of it all.

(Anne Marie Blackman/ )

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Who’s up to party? This is one ugly Christmas sweater bright enough for Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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The couple that goes ugly together stays ugly together?

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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“Do you have eggnog on tap?”

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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Don’t mess with the ug’.

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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Proud to pledge Ugly Alpha Sweater-On at the annual tacky Christmas sweater party.

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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We see a resemblance…now Fido needs an ugly Christmas sweater of his own with her face knit into it.

(January Meyer/

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Young couples, take a look: This is your future (or, make it your present).

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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They work hard for the ugly.

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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Four cheers for ugly Christmas sweaters!

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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“Do you hear what I hear? Hark, the herald angels sing!”

(Anne Marie Blackman/

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A purr-fectly ugly Christmas sweater for Rex.

(Alli Valentine/Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater)

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Proud to be rocking the ugly.

(Garren Poirier/Anne Marie Blackman)

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Head to for more pics, and to order the book.