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5 Everyday Things That Deodorize

Beat back awful smells by learning the tricks to using everyday items like lemons, cotton balls and vinegar.

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Spending a ton on expensive deodorant sprays and other chemicals? Try a more natural approach, and get the scoop on using everyday items to freshen you air. Who would think your freezer holds the secret to deodorizing almost anything?

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1. Lemons

You don’t have to use an aerosol spray to neutralize foul-smelling cat-box odours or freshen the air in your bathroom. Just cut a couple of lemons in half. Then place them, cut side up, in a dish in the room, and the air will soon smell lemon-fresh.

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2. Vinegar

Here’s an incredibly easy way to keep your garbage disposal unit sanitized and smelling clean: Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl, pour the solution into an ice cube tray, and freeze it. Then simply drop a couple of “vinegar cubes” down your disposal every week or so, followed by a cold-water rinse.

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3. Fabric Softener Sheets

Has that new-car smell gradually turned into that old-car stench? Tuck a new dryer fabric softener sheet under each car seat to counteract musty odours and cigarette smells.

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4. Cotton Balls

Sometimes the refrigerator just doesn’t smell fresh. Dampen a cotton ball with vanilla extract and place it on a shelf. You’ll find it acts as a deodorizer, offering its own pleasant scent.

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5. The Freezer

Got a musty-smelling book, shoe or a plastic container with a fish odour? Place them in the freezer overnight. By morning they’ll be fresh again. This works with almost any other small item that has a bad smell you want to get rid of.

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