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5 Everyday Things To Do with Salt

Learn five ways you can use salt to preserve food, clean your kitchen, make perfect boiled eggs and more.

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Did you know that the use of salt to preserve food dates back to the Neolithic era, or that the word salary was originally Latin, and referred to the money paid to Roman soldiers to buy salt? Not surprisingly, salt, like many household items, has a lot more uses than you probably knew. Click below to discover five useful new ways you can use salt in your home.

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1. Make Milk Last

Make milk last almost twice as long in the refrigerator by adding a pinch of salt each time you open a new carton.

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2. Make Fruit Last

Keep apples, pears, and potatoes from browning as you slice them by dropping each new slice into a bowl of lightly salted cold water.

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3. Clean Fresh Vegetables

Clean dirt and grit from leafy greens by soaking them in cold salt water for up to 15 minutes, then rinsing the greens thoroughly under cold running water.

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4. Clean Your Griddle

Prevent pancakes or meat from sticking to the griddle by wiping the griddle between batches with coarse salt wrapped in cheesecloth.

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5. Boil Eggs

Keep hardboiled eggs intact and make them easier to peel by adding a pinch of salt to the cooking water.

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