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5 More Everyday Things That Clean Your Bathroom

Find out how using soda pop, vinegar and other common household items can make cleaning your bathroom a breeze.

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Nobody likes cleaning their bathroom. Whether it’s unclogging a plugged drain, or scrubbing unpleasant mildew, cleaning your bathroom is one of the toughest and grossest household chores. Fortunately, there are products that can help. And the best part? They’re probably already in your fridge or cupboard. Read on to discover five surprising household items that work wonders in your bathroom.

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1. Oven Cleaner

Got a stubborn stain or ring around your white porcelain tub that refuses to come clean? Call out the big guns by spraying it with oven cleaner. Let it sit for a few hours, then give it a thorough rinsing.

Warning: Do not apply oven cleaner to coloured porcelain tubs; it could cause fading. And be careful not to get the oven cleaner on your shower curtain; it can ruin both plastic and fabric.

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2. Soda Pop

Slow drain and no drain cleaner in the house? Pour a 2-litre bottle of cola down the drain to help remove the clog.

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3. Ammonia

To get rid of those ugly grease and soap-scum buildups in your porcelain enamel sink or tub, scrub it with a solution of 1 tablespoon ammonia in 3.7 litres hot water. Rinse thoroughly when done.

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4. White Vinegar

When you want to remove mildew stains, try white vinegar first. It can be safely used without additional ventilation and can be applied to almost any surface: bathroom fixtures and tiles, clothing, furniture, painted surfaces, plastic curtains and many other items. To eliminate heavy accumulations of mildew, use it at full strength. For light stains, dilute it with an equal amount of water. You can also prevent mildew from forming on the bottoms of rugs and carpets by misting the backs with full-strength white vinegar from a spray bottle

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5. Toothpaste

Ouch! You cut yourself shaving and it’s no wonder – you can’t see your face clearly in that fogged-up bathroom mirror. Next time, coat the mirror with non-gel toothpaste and wipe it off before you get in the shower. When you get out, the mirror won’t be fogged.

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