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5 More Things To Do with Cardboard Tubes

Get those cardboard tubes out of the recycling bin and start using them around your home, with these five fun new uses.

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Cardboard tubes can be found anywhere. Leftover from paper towel, toilet paper and wrapping paper rolls, these handy concoctions are typically disposed of in the recycling bin. Why not try something new, and put them to work with these cool ideas?

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1. Keep Electrical Cords Tangle-Free

Keep computer and appliance cords tangle-free. Fanfold the cord and pass it through a toilet paper tube before plugging in. You can also use the tubes to store extension cords when they’re not in use. Paper towel tubes will also work. Just cut them in half before using them to hold the cords.

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2. Protect Important Documents

Before storing diplomas, marriage certificates and other important documents in your cedar chest, roll them tightly and insert them in paper towel tubes. This prevents creases and keep the documents clean and dry.

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3. Make a Hamster Toy

Place a couple of paper towel or toilet paper tubes in the hamster (or gerbil) cage. The little critters will love running and walking through them, and they like chewing on the cardboard too. When the tubes start looking ragged, just replace them with fresh ones.

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4. Make Christmas Crackers

Keep the spirit of holiday firecrackers, but cut out the dangers associated with burning explosives. Use toilet paper tubes to make Christmas crackers, which “explode” into tiny gifts. For each cracker, tie a string about 8 inches (20 centimetres) long around a small gift such as candy, a balloon or a figurine. After tying, the string should have about 6 inches (15 centimetres) to spare. Place the gift into the tube so the string dangles out of the end. Cover the tube with bright-coloured crepe paper or tissue and twist the ends. When you pull the string, out pops the gift.

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5. Extend Vacuum Cleaner Reach

Can’t reach the cobweb on the ceiling with your regular vacuum cleaner attachment? Try using a long, empty wrapping paper tube to extend the reach. You can even crush the end of the paper tube to create a crevice tool. Use duct tape to make the connection airtight.

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