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5 More Things To Do with Cat Litter

Think kitty litter is best left to the box? Think again. Here are five ways you can put unused kitty litter to work around the home.

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Did You Know?

The first cat littler was sand, but that the original Kitty Litter (released in 1948) used clay, which proved to be more absorbent and less easily tracked through the house.

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1. Stop Musty Odours

Get rid of that musty smell when you open the closet door. Just place a shallow box filled with cat litter in each musty closet or room. Cat litter works great as a deodorandt.

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2. Add Traction on Ice

Keep a bag of cat litter in the trunk of your car. Use it to add traction when you’re stuck in ice or snow.

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3. Prevent Grease Fires

Don’t let a grease fire spoil your next barbecue. Pour a layer of cat litter into the bottom of your grill for worry-free outdoor cooking.

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4. Keep Tents Must-Free

Keep tents and sleeping bags fresh smelling and free of must when not in use. Pour cat litter into an old sock, tie the end, and store inside the bag or tent.

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5. Repel Moles

Moles may hate the smell of soiled cat litter even more than you do. Pour some down their tunnels to send them scurrying to find new homes.

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