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5 More Things To Do with Potatoes

For all the different ways you can cook potatoes, there are as many uses for them around the house. Here are five new interesting ways to make use of your potatoes:

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Potatoes are a revolutionary food, but did you know they also broke ground for toy marketing? Mr.Potato Head was first toy to ever be advertised on television! If you’re looking to learn more fun things about potatoes, check out these creative ways you can use them around your home:

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1. Make a Decorative Stamp

Forget those expensive rubber stamps that go for up to $10 or more apiece. A potato can provide the right medium for making your own stamp for decorating holiday cards and envelopes. Cut a potato in half widthwise. Carve a design on one half then start stamping are you would with a wooden version.

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2. Remove a Broken Light Bulb

You’re changing a light bulb in the nightstand lamp, and it breaks off in your hand. So now the glass is off, but the stem’s still inside. Unplug the lamp. Cut a potato widthwise and place it over the broken bulb. Twist, and the rest of the light bulb should come out easily.

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3. Keep Ski Goggles Clear

You can’t keep a good lookout for trees and other skiers through snow goggles that fog up during your downhill descent. Rub raw potato over the goggles before you get on the skit lift, and the ride down should be crystal clear.

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4. Feed New Geraniums

A raw potato can give a fledgling geranium all the nutrients it could desire. Carve a small hole in a potato. Slip a geranium stem into the hole. Plant the whole thing, potato and all.

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5. Lure Worms in Houseplants

The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out of the root of your favourite houseplant. The roots are suffering. What to do? Slice raw potato around the base of the plant to act as a lure for the worms. They’ll crawl up to eat, and you can grab them and toss them out.

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