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5 Things to Control Garden Weeds

In the old days, gardeners had to outsmart weeds because there were no chemical weed killers. Take a few tips from them, save a trip to the garden centre, and keep your garden weed- and chemical-free.


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1. Get In There Early


Weed early and often to keep weeds from taking hold. Hold the hoe blade horizontal to the ground and scrape weed seedlings from the vegetable garden and in and around ornamentals. Avoid tilling deeply – it can bring buried seeds to the surface, where they will sprout. To save your back, use an ergonomic hoe with a gooseneck that lets you stand up straight.


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2. Burn, Baby, Burn

Burn weeds that pop up in the driveway or between pavers with a small propane torch or kill them with boiling water.


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3. Smother Them

Spread an 8 cm-deep layer of organic mulch, such as straw, wood chips or compost, around the base of plants to smother weeds and retain soil moisture.


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4. Pull Them Out

Pull any weeds sprouting from potted nursery plants before planting them in your garden.


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5. Add A Little Lime

Apply granulated lime according to packet directions to lawns in the autumn, using a fertilizer spreader. Most lawn weeds can’t thrive in alkaline soil.


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