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5 Things To Do with Egg Cartons

Egg cartons tend to pile up quickly. Before tossing them into the recycling bin, use them to get organized around the home and garden. Here are five things you can try.

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Cardboard egg cartons are handy and environmentally friendly. Recycle them, reuse them or pot seedlings in them-the possibilities are endless.

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Storing and organizing

With a dozen handy compartments, egg cartons are natural organizers for small items.


– Cut off a four-section piece of an egg carton and leave it on your dresser to sort your spare change.

– Sort buttons, safety pins, threads, bobbins and fasteners on your sewing table.
– Sort washers, tacks, small nuts and bolts and screws on your workbench.

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Start a fire

Fill a cardboard egg carton with briquettes (and a bit of leftover candle wax if it’s handy), place in your barbecue grill, and light. Egg cartons can also be filled with tinder, such as small bits of wood and paper, and used as a fire starter in a fireplace or a woodstove.

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Start seedlings

An egg carton can become the perfect nursery for your seeds. Use a cardboard egg carton, not a polystyrene one. Fill each cell in the carton with soil and plant a few seeds in each one. Once the seeds have sprouted, divide the carton into individual cells and plant, cardboard cells and all.

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Make ice

Making a bunch of ice for a picnic or party? Use the bottom halves of clean polystyrene egg cartons as auxiliary ice trays.

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Reinforce a trash bag

Yuck! You pull the plastic trash bag out of the kitchen trash container and gunk drips out. Next time, put an opened empty egg carton at the bottom of the trash bag to prevent tears and punctures.

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