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5 Things To Do with Freezers

Storing ice cream and popsicles is great, but your freezer has so much more to offer. Here are five uses you may not have thought of 

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Freezers can put a drain on your energy bill, and nowadays Canadians are looking to get the most bang for their buck. Check out these cool ideas so you can squeeze the most out of the old icebox. 

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1. Eliminate Unpopped Popcorn

Don’t you just hate the kernels of popcorn that are left at the bottom of the bowl? Eliminate the popcorn duds by keeping your unpopped supply in the freezer.

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2. Remove Wax from Candlesticks

Grandma’s heirloom silver candlesticks will get a new life if you place them in the freezer and then pick  off the accumulated wax drippings. But don’t do this if your candlesticks are made from more than one type of metal. The metals can expand and contract at different rates and damage the candlesticks.

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3. Extend Candle Life

Place candles in the freezer for at least two hours before burning. They will last longer.

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4. Clean a Pot

Your favourite pot has been left on the stove for too long, and now you’ve got a burned-on mess to clean up. Place the pot in the freezer for a couple of hours. When the burned food becomes frozen, it will be easier to remove. 

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5. Remove Odours

Got a musty-smelling book or a plastic container with a fish odour? Place them in the freezer overnight. By morning they’ll be fresh again. This works with almost any other small item that has a bad smell you want to get rid of.