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5 Things to Do with a Garden Hose

Think a simple garden-variety hose is nothing special? You’re way off! This green tube can come in handy for repelling birds, safety-proofing swings, and more.

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Use garden hoses to scare birdsPhoto: Shutterstock

Make a snake decoy to scare birds

Firstly, put your hose to the test. If it flattens when you step on it, it’s not sturdy and weather-resistant and won’t live up to gardening duties. If flocks of annoying, messy birds are invading your backyard, try replicating their natural predator to keep them away. Cut a short length of hose, lay it on the grass—poised like a snake—and the birds will steer clear.

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Use a garden hose to stabilize treePhoto: Shutterstock

Stabilize a tree

A short length of old garden hose is a good way to tie a young tree to its stake. You’ll find the hose is flexible enough to bend when the tree does, but at the same time, it’s strong enough to keep the tree tied to its stake until it can stand on its own. Also, the hose will not damage the bark of a young tree as it grows.

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Use a garden hose to cover swing set chainsPhoto: Shutterstock

Cover swing set chains

To avoid kids getting hurt on a backyard swing, put a length of old hose over each chain. This will prevent little hands from getting pinched on the swing chain. If you have access to one end of the chains, just slip the chain through the hose. Otherwise, slit the hose down the middle and slip it over the swing-set chains. Close the slit hose with a few wraps of duct tape.

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Use a garden hose to protect your skatesPhoto: Shutterstock

Protect your ice-skate blades and handsaw

Keep your handsaw sharp and safe by protecting it with a length of garden hose. Just cut a piece of hose to the length you need, slit it along its length and slip it over the teeth. This is also a good way to protect the blades of your ice skates. You can even try this technique on your kitchen knives when you pack them for a camping trip.

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Use a garden hose to make a paint-can gripPhoto: Shutterstock

Make a paint-can grip

You don’t want a heavy paint can to slip and spill. Plus those thin wire handles can really cut into your hand. Get a better grip by cutting a short length of hose, slitting it down the middle, then encasing the paint-can handle.

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