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5 Things To Do with Hairspray

Beehive hairdos may have gone out of style, but hairspray remains a great staple to have hanging around the house. Give your hair a break, and spray it on crafts, curtains, and more for surprising results.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

In 1964 hairspray surpassed lipstick as women’s most popular cosmetic aid.

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Protect Children's Artwork

Protect Children’s Artwork

Picture this: your preschooler has just returned home with a priceless work of art demanding that it find a place on the refrigerator door. Before you stick it up, preserve the creation with hairspray, to help it last longer. This works especially well on chalk pictures, keeping them from being smudged so easily. 

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Exterminate Houseflies

Exterminate Houseflies

When an annoying housefly outstays its welcome make it bite the dust with a squirt of hairspray. Take aim and fire, then watch the fly drop. But make sure the hair spray is water soluble so that if any spray hits the wall, you’ll be able to wipe it clean. Works on bees and wasps, too.

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Preserve Your Shoes' Shine

Preserve Your Shoes’ Shine

After you’ve lovingly polished your shoes to give them the just-bought look, lightly spray them with hairspray. The shoe polish won’t rub off so easily with this protective coating.

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Extend the Life of Cut Flowers

Extend the Life of Cut Flowers

A bouquet of cut flowers is such a beautiful thing, you want to do whatever you can to postpone wilting. Just as it preserves your hairstyle, a spritz of hairspray can preserve your cut flowers. Stand about 30 centimetres away from the bouquet and give them a quick spray, just on the undersides of the leaves and petals.

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Keep Curtains Dirt-Free

Keep Curtains Dirt-Free

Did you just buy new curtains or have your old ones cleaned? Want to keep that like-new look for a while? The trick is to apply several coats of hairspray, letting each coat dry thoroughly before the next one.