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5 Things To Do with Ice-Cream Scoops

Don’t put the scoop away just because it’s too cool for ice-cream. Here are five things to do with ice-cream scoops that can come in handy.

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Things to do with ice cream scoops

Fun Fact A scoop introduced during the Depression, called the slicer, helped ice-cream parlour owners in the US scoop out the same amount of ice-cream every time, so as not to give away any extra product. But here are five other things to do with ice cream scoops around your home and garden that don’t have anything to do with dessert.

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Things to do with ice cream scoops: Create Sand Castles

On your next trip to the beach, one of the tings to do with ice-cream scoops is to help dig. Your kids will have a fun tool for making their sand castles down by the water. The scoops allow them to make interesting round shapes with the sand and easily dig moats around their castles.

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Things to do with ice cream scoops: Make Butter Balls

More things to do with ice cream scoops: At your next large family gathering, scoop out big globes of butter or margarine to serve to your guests. A smaller scoop, or melon baller, can create individual-sized balls of butter.

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Uses for ice cream scoops: Repot a Houseplant

Does dirt scatter everywhere when you are repotting houseplants? Use an ice-cream scoop for the perfect way to add potting mix to the new pot without making a mess.

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Uses for ice cream scoops: Shape Meatballs and Cookie Dough

If you want uniform-sized meatballs every time, use an ice-cream scoop to measure out the perfect balls. Ice cream scoops are handy tools in the kitchen and you can also use them for baking cookies, too. Dip the scoop into the dough and plop the ball on the cookie tray. You’ll end up with biscuits all the same size — no tiffs over which is the largest.

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Ways to use ice cream scoops: Plant Seeds

If you’re out in the garden faced with a plot of earth that needs seeding, turn to your kitchen drawer for help. Use an ice-cream scoop to make equal-sized planting holes for the seeds for your future harvest.

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