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5 Things To Do with Ice Cube Trays

Pull that ice cube tray out of the freezer and put it to good use. If you have problems getting your stuff organized this little plastic container may be the answer to your prayers. Read on to find out how an ice cube tray can simplify your life.

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Ice cube trays are good for more than making ice. You can freeze other foods, or use them to organize office supplies.

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Divide a Drawer

If your junk drawer is an unsightly mess, insert a plastic ice cube tray for easy, low-cost organization. One ‘cube’ can hold paper clips; the next rubber bands; another, stamps. It’s another way to bring order to your life.






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A Painter’s Palette

Your child, a budding Picasso, requires a palette to mix colours. A plastic ice-cube tray provides the perfect sturdy container for holding and mixing small amount of paints and watercolours.




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Freeze Extra Eggs

Are you overstocked on bargain-priced eggs? Freeze them for future baking projects. Medium size eggs are just the right size to freeze in plastic ice-cube trays with one egg in each cell, with no spillover. After they freeze, pop them out into a resealable plastic bag. Defrost as many as you need when the time comes.




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Organize Your Workbench

If you’re looking through your toolbox for that perfect-sized fastener that you know you have somewhere, here’s the answer to your problem. An ice-cube tray can help you organize and store small parts you may need at one time or another, such as screws, nails, bolts, and other diminutive hardware.





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Store Valuables

Is your jewelry box a tangle of earrings and semi-precious stones? Grab an ice cube tray and store each pair of earrings, ring, or necklace in its own compartment. Not only will your ornaments stay in better condition, but it will be a lot easier to find that perfect accessory to go with the day’s outfit.