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5 Things To Do with Lip Balm

Turns out that sweet-scented salve can do more than soothe chapped lips. Can you guess five other places lip balm should go?

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Makeup Tip

Beauty experts say that putting lip balm under your lipstick isn’t a good idea. It interferes with the adherence of the lipstick, so opt for a moisturizing lipstick instead.

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Remove a Stuck Ring

No need to pull and tug on your poor, beleaguered finger to try to remove that stuck ring. Simply coat the finger with lip balm and gently wriggle the ring loose.




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Tame Wild Eyebrows

You can use lip balm as a styling wax to groom unruly moustaches, eyebrows, or other hairs that may need taming.





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Zap Bleeding from Shaving Cuts

Ouch! You just cut yourself shaving and you don’t have any time to spare. Just dab a bit of lip balm directly onto the nick and the bleeding from most shaving cuts will quickly stop.




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Lubricate a Zipper

Rub a small amount of inexpensive lip balm up and down the teeth of a sticky or stuck zipper. Then zip and unzip it a few times. The balm will act as a lubricant to make the zipper work smoothly.








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Make Sliding Simple

Apply inexpensive lip balm to the tracks of drawers and windows, or to the ridges on a medicine cabinet, for easier opening and shutting.