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5 Things To Do with Pantyhose

Nylon pantyhose are not just a fashion statement! The world’s favourite synthetic fibre has many uses around the home.

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Did You Know

Nylon was the world’s first synthetic fibre, invented in 1938.

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Vacuum your fish tank

If you have a wet-and-dry vacuum, you can change the water in your fish tank without disturbing the gravel and tank accessories. (You’ll still have to relocate the fish, of course.) Just pull the foot of old pair of nylon pantyhose over the end of the vacuum’s nozzle and secure it with a rubber band, and you are ready to suck out the water.

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Organize your suitcase

As any seasoned traveller knows, you can squeeze more of your belongings into any piece of luggage by rolling up your clothes. Stop bulkier rolls from unwrapping by covering them with the legs from a pair of old pantyhose. Snip off the foot sections and start packing. Happy travels!

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Store onions in cut-off bundles

Keep your onions fresh by hanging them in nylon holders that ­provide good air ­circulation. Place the onions one at a time into the leg of a clean pair of pantyhose. Work the first one down to the foot section, then tie a knot above it and add the next one. Repeat until done. Cut off the remaining hose and then hang the onions in a cool, dry area of your kitchen. To remove an onion, snip off a knot, starting from the bottom.

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Find small objects

Have you ever spent hours on your hands and knees searching through a carpet for a lost ­gemstone, contact lens or some other tiny, precious item? Try this solution: Cut a leg off an old pair of pantyhose-keeping the toe section intact-and pull it up over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner hose. Secure it to the hose with a rubber band. Turn on the vacuum, carefully move the nozzle over the ­carpet and you’ll soon find your lost ­valuable attached to the pantyhose filter.

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Substitute for Stuffing

Is your kid’s teddy bear or doll losing its stuffing? Get out a needle and thread and prepare the patient for an emergency “stuffing transplant.” Replace the lost filler with ­narrow strips of clean, worn-out pantyhose (ball them up, if possible). Stitch the hole well and a complete recovery is guaranteed. This works well with throw pillows and seat cushions, too.