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5 Ideas for What to Do with Shoeboxes

Wondering what to do with shoe boxes so they don’t clutter up your closet? Here’s five ideas to get you organized.

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What to do with shoe boxes

You know they are the perfect sized containers for lots of things around your home and garden. A shoebox could house your pet (temporarily, at least), and that’s not all. Here are five ideas on what to do with shoe boxes that you’ll love. 

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What to do with shoe boxes: Make a Gift Ribbon Dispenser

Don’t worry about what to do with shoe boxes, we’ve got lots of ideas. You’ll be grateful for this when you need ribbon. Take a piece of garden stake or anything you can use as a small dowel, and cut it a little longer than the length of the shoe box. Cut two holes in the box, high enough that the ribbon spool will be able to spin in the box. Slip your ribbon spools onto the dowel as you poke it from one end of the shoebox through to the other. Duct tape over both ends to keep the dowel in place. Now you’re ready to wrap!

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What to do with shoe boxes: Play Bricks

Kids can find creative things to do with shoe boxes, like using a collection of them as large building bricks. Tape the lids on for them. You can even let the little ones colour the “bricks” with poster paint, then start building.

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Uses for shoe boxes: Get Your Stuff Organized

There are lots of ways to use shoe boxes tohelp you get organized besides collecting old photos and receipts. Label the boxes and use them to store keepsakes, cancelled checks, bills to be paid, and other items you want to keep track of. For a neater appearance, cover the boxes with contact paper or any other decorative self-adhesive paper.

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Ways to use shoe boxes: Pack Yummy Gifts

Shoeboxes are the perfect size for loaves of homemade bread, but of course, you can also pack cookies in them. A great way to use your shoeboxes is to turn them into care packages or gift boxes for family and friends far away. 

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Uses for shoe boxes: Temporary Bed for Pets

Shoeboxes make perfect homes for baby kittens or puppies. If the babies are being born at home you can make a whelping box and reduce the risk of the mother rolling onto a newborn. Place one or several puppies or kittens in a towel-lined shoe box while the others are being born. Other uses for shoe boxes are as cat hidey-holes so cut one end off and let your cat “hide” from you inside. 

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