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5 Things To Do with Weather Stripping

After you’ve winterized your home, use this handy material to get yourself organized, help you get a better grip on winter and and stop drafts in unexpected places.

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Be sure to save leftover weather stripping to use around the home and garage.

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Keep appliances in place

Affixing small pieces of weather stripping to the bottom of telephones, electric can openers, PC speakers, and similar items will help keep them from sliding off counters or desktops.

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Add traction to boots

Some rubber boots may be great at keeping out moisture, but don’t prevent you from slipping on ice-, snow-, or slush-covered surfaces. But you can usually improve the traction of your waterproof footwear by gluing a few strips of flat weather stripping onto the toe, middle, and heel sections.

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Get a grip on tools

Wrapping the handles of tools such as hammers, axes, and wrenches with flat weather stripping will not only give you a better and more comfortable grip on them, but it might even prevent wooden handles from getting damaged. Spiral the weather stripping around the handle, overlapping it half a width.

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Fix leaky car windows

Use small slivers of household weather stripping to patch up the dented weather stripping around car windows to prevent wind and water from getting inside your car. You can also use it to firm up sagging rubber gaskets around your car’s trunk or doors.

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Seal off fireplace dampers

Don’t let your heat go up in smoke. When not using your fireplace seal off the damper using weather stripping to prevent leakage. You’ll save energy (and money) by stopping your heat from going up in smoke and letting cold air in through chimney.

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