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6 Things To Do with a Broken Umbrella

Don’t toss that broken umbrella in the trash just yet! It turns out there are plenty of ways to put an old umbrella to work all around the house-and in your garden, too. Check out six of our favourite umbrella hacks.

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UmbrellaPhoto: ShutterStock

Use a Broken Umbrella as a Drying Rack

A broken umbrella makes a handy drying rack: Just strip off the fabric and hang the frame upside-down from your shower curtain rod. Attach your wet clothing with common clothespins, and let your laundry air dry. The best part? Your new DIY drying rack folds up for easy storage!

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Pink peoniesPhoto: ShutterStock

Use a Broken Umbrella to Make Plant Stakes

If the wind caught your umbrella, turned it inside out and ripped the fabric, don’t just toss it in the trash! Remove the broken umbrella’s ribs, and repurpose them in the garden: they make excellent supports for top-heavy garden plants like peonies.

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Picnic lunch in fieldPhoto: ShutterStock

Use a Broken Umbrella to Protect Your Picnic from Pests

To keep flies from feasting on your picnic before you do, open a broken umbrella and cut off the handle. Place the umbrella over the picnic dishes as a makeshift screen. It will shield your lunchtime treats from the sun, too!

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Morning gloriesPhoto: ShutterStock

Use a Broken Umbrella to Make an Instant Trellis

Remove the fabric from a broken umbrella and insert the handle into the ground to support climbing vines, such as morning glories or sweet peas. The umbrella’s shape, covered with flowers, will look terrific in the garden.

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Transplanting seedlings into the gardenPhoto: ShutterStock

Use a Broken Umbrella to Shield Your Seedlings

You’ve waited for ages to transplant your seedlings into the garden, but as soon as you’ve completed the job, the forecast calls for an unexpected frost. If you’ve got a broken umbrella, you can still save your seedlings! Simply open the umbrella, then cut off the handle. Place the top of the umbrella over the seedlings to protect them against the sudden chill.

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Use a Broken Umbrella to Clean a ChandelierPhoto: Shutterstock

Use a Broken Umbrella to Clean a Chandelier

The next time you climb up there to clean the chandelier or celling fan, bring a broken umbrella with you. Open the umbrella and hook its handle on the fixture so that it hangs upside down to catch any drips or dust.