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5 Things To Help You Decorate for Christmas

Wrap gifts, string up lights and more, with five everyday items that make Christmas decorating the easiest part of your holiday to-do list.

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Make Christmas decorating that much easier, and try these simple solutions to common problems like stringing up lights, watering your tree and wrapping gifts. Click below to see five handy items that make festive decorating as easy as pumpkin pie.

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1. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are a good way to water your Christmas tree, whose base may be hard to reach with a watering can. Just toss several cubes into the base. The ice melts and waters the tree without causing a sudden downpour.

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2. Twist Ties

Some of those Christmas tree ornaments have been in the family for generations. As extra insurance against breakage, secure them to the tree with twist ties.

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3. Duct Tape

Festive holiday lights are fun in season, but a real chore when it’s time for them to come down. Use duct tape to hang your lights and the removal job will be much easier. Tear duct tape into thin strips. At intervals, wrap strips around the wire and then tape the strand to the gutter or wherever you hang your lights.

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4. Candles

Sending Christmas cards and gifts to friends and loved ones? Make sure your labels stay secure by using a little bit of candle wax to help. After you address a package with a felt-tip pen, weatherproof the label by rubbing a white candle over the writing. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will smear the label, ensuring a merry Christmas to all.

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5. Buttons

You’re trying to wrap a present and can’t find the end of a tape roll. Instead of scratching in frustration trying to find that elusive end every time you use the tape, stick a button on the end of the tape. As you use the tape, keep moving the button.

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