14 Genius Uses for Dryer Sheets That Will Change Your Life

From eliminating hair static to cleaning tree sap, here are practical uses for dryer sheets that go beyond the laundry room.

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dryer sheets life hacks uses
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Genius uses

Do you love the smell of freshly cleaned laundry? We do, too. Along with making clothes smell nice, dryer sheets have a number of other incredible uses. From being a gym bag freshener to an eyeglass polisher, read on to see genius uses for dryer sheets.

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camp gear socks dryer sheets
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Camping gear

After a long day hiking in the great outdoors, you’re bound to work up a sweat. Placing a few dryer sheets in your tent, sleeping bag, socks, and other items can help ward off less-than-thrilling odours before a trip.

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bug on car window dryer sheets
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Clean bugs off of cars

After going on a road trip or driving for a long stretch of time, you’ve probably noticed a few bugs stuck to your windshield or the front part of your car. Thankfully, a wet dryer sheet can come to the rescue and wipe away those bugs.

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toilet paper dryer sheets life hacks

Bathroom deodorizer

Placing a dryer sheet in the cardboard part of your toilet paper roll is a sneaky way to add freshness to your bathroom. After all, every time someone spins the toilet paper roll, a nice smell is released into the air!

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soap scum
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Soap scum

It’s never a good feeling to see soap scum gathering in the shower. Thankfully, dryer sheets are there to the rescue. Wet a dryer sheet and then use it to wipe away the soap scum.

From home remedies to secret cleaning techniques, this is your guide to getting your bathroom sparkling.

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books dryer sheet uses
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Book deodorizer

Not everyone is a fan of that old book smell, and even the most beloved books need a good cleaning every once and awhile. To rid your books of musty odours, brush them lightly with a dryer sheet.

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dryer sheet burnt food
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Burnt food remover

Getting burnt grime off dirty pots is no easy feat, but have no fear! Putting a dryer sheet at the bottom of a burnt pot and letting it soak in water overnight will help loosen the muck and leave your pots spick and span.

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dryer sheets
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Pet hair brush

Ask anyone with a longhaired dog or cat and they’ll tell you that excessive shedding can be a pain. If you see clumps of unshed hair on your pet, use a dryer sheet to gently remove them and avoid the mess altogether. After brushing your pet, you’ll have a lot of hair to clean up.

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trash can
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Garbage liner

If your garbage can is carrying a lingering scent, lining it with dryer sheets will help. The sheets will absorb odours and leaks, and keep the can as clean as possible.

Here’s how to neutralize gross smells with items you already have in your kitchen.

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gym bag
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Gym bag freshener

Even the tidiest gym equipment needs to be sanitized now and again. Putting dryer sheets in your gym bags will absorb foul odors and keep your bag (and your workout gear) smelling garden fresh.

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dryer sheets flour spill
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Spilled flour cleaner-upper

There are few things as frustrating as cleaning up spilled flour. Luckily, cleaning it is as easy as looking toward your laundry room! Dryer sheets can easily clean flour accidents and other dry spills because flour sticks to the sheets. Who knew it was that easy?

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static dryer sheets
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Static killer

A humid day can wreak havoc and create static in your hair, but don’t sweat it. Wiping yourself down with a dryer sheet will eliminate static, not just on your hair, but also on your clothes.

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sandy feet
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Sand wiper

After spending a relaxing day at the beach, trying to get to the car without dousing it in sand can be an obstacle. Get sand off your skin easily with a quick wipe of a dryer sheet.

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eyeglasses dryer sheets
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Eyeglass polisher

Keep your glasses sparkling brightly with a few quick wipes. Be careful though! Dryer sheets shouldn’t be used on plastic lenses.

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tree sap dryer sheets uses life hacks
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Tree sap remover

Tree sap is notoriously sticky and difficult to remove, but the solution to freeing yourself of this sticky nuisance is actually in your laundry room. The sap will stick to dryer sheets more easily than normal wipes, which makes it a perfect remover.

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