10 Quarantine Supplies You Might Not Think to Stock Up On

From pet food and batteries to potting soil and charcoal briquettes, necessities and niceties help you make the most of a quarantine.

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Seeing shelves emptied of toilet paper and sanitizer quickly shows where people’s first thoughts turn when it comes to a containment. Most households think to stock up on groceries, too, but here are some other goods to think about having on hand during the extra time at home.

Outdoor cooking necessities

Firing up the grill is a good way to seize some outdoor time and shake up your cooking routine. Make sure you have propane, charcoal, lighter fluid and any other favourite grilling goods stocked and ready. Chances are you have enough extra time to do a complete grill tune-up, too.

Detergents and cleaning supplies

Did you remember to stock up on laundry and dishwashing detergents? Don’t forget window and other household cleaners, for regular or deep cleans. Now’s also your chance to finally learn how to make your own homemade cleaners, which also means stocking up on basic pantry supplies like vinegar, baking soda and borax, as well as handy containers in which to store them.


Writing letters or creating art for others fills time and connects, which is especially important for loved ones feeling sick or isolated. It’s a great educational activity for kids, too. Stock a variety of envelopes, so you don’t have to fold those full-page masterpieces.

Distilled water and filters

Even if you’re connected to city water services, you might want bottled water for a range of needs unique to your household. Nasal rinses for allergies or colds, watering household plants and filling up fish tanks are just a few ways distilled water can be useful. Stock extra water filters for faucets and pitchers to make drinking water readily accessible for you and for mixing baby formula.

Potting soil and seeds

Gardening and digging in the dirt is great therapy for worry and stress, both of which can spike during quarantine. Grab potting soil, planters and other necessities to re-pot overcrowded houseplants, start new ones, or start flower, vegetable and herb seeds indoors.

Batteries and light bulbs

Have enough batteries on hand to keep your ramped-up indoor and outdoor activities running, including remote controls, your computer mouse, baby monitors, hearing aids, flashlights, sump pumps or anything else that requires a boost of power. Also check that your go-to light bulb supply has a few extras given the higher-than-usual need, to ensure your home stays well-lit during containment.

Craft supplies

Stock up on paper, pens, yarn, glue, clay, beads, embroidery floss — really any preferred materials designed to spark creativity in both kids and adults. You can stick to the basics, such as colouring and doodling, great all-ages stress relievers, or take this as an opportunity to explore new interests. YouTube tutorials can school you in anything from knitting to making your own fragrant home spray or soaps.

Health essentials

Make sure you have prescriptions on hand, as well as staples such as vitamins, immunity boosters, bandages, antibiotic cream, cough and cold medicine, pain reliever and antacids. Remember Pedialyte or other drinks to replace electrolytes, and broths to offer nourishment while recovering from illness or an upset stomach. For young children, stock up on diapers or disposable underwear (especially if change in routine triggers potty-training regression), diaper cream, sunscreen and pediatric medicine.

Pet supplies

Start with the basics, such as kitty litter, food and enough waste pickup bags to stock the extra walks you may be taking. Think about dry alternatives for any pets who may be used to fresh food, such as reptiles that eat live crickets, too. And consider investing in a few new toys to keep them entertained during the extra together time.

Brain boosters

Stock up on good books, games and puzzles so you have lots of engaging options. While digital books and online games are great, it’s a good idea to take screen breaks, too. Order books from your local bookstore. Consider crosswords, Sudoku and card games, too.

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