Frozen Brandy Old-Fashioneds

"Both sides of my family are Midwestern, so our strong brandy tradition is evident in the slush we make for the holidays and in the Wisconsin old-fashioned cocktails we enjoy year-round. I decided to combine those recipes into something completely new. This goes very quickly at gatherings!" —Stephanie Vaughan, Madison, Wisconsin

Cherry Bounce

"Smooth and with the fragrant flavour of sweet cherries, this homemade cherry bounce makes a wonderful holiday gift. For an...

Lacy Brandy Snaps

"These cream-filled crisps are the perfect sweet treat. Include them on a holiday cookie platter or serve at the end...

French Onion Soup

This traditional take on the classic French Onion Soup is the perfect way to end a cold autumn day.

Spicy Summer Nightcaps

Who says you can't indulge before going to bed? This spicy summer nightcap recipe works great as the final cocktail...