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10 Amazing Places for Hiking in Canada

The arrival of spring’s warm weather is a great time to hit the trails. Hiking is not only a good way to enjoy some breathtaking wilderness areas, but it’s good exercise too. Among the abundance of footpaths, here are 10 of the best places for hiking in Canada.

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Best Places for Hiking in Canada

Narrowing down a top ten list of great hiking locations was nearly impossible, but here are our picks. Do you agree?

East Coast Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador

Linking 32 historic communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, the 540-kilometre East Coast Trail features a variety of scenic areas along the Avalon Peninsula. Cliffs, lighthouses, icebergs, whales and abandoned settlements are some of the fascinating sights you can see on this trail. While much of the trail has been completed, part of it is still being developed for even more exciting hiking in Canada! (Photo credit: Mark Graesser / East Coast Trail Association)

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East Coast Hiking in Canada

Confederation Trail, Prince Edward Island

If you want to see part of Prince Edward Island on foot you can go hiking in Canada on part of the Confederation Trail. The main trail is approximately 273 kilometres in length and extends the length of PEI. Developed on abandoned railway lines, this trail also includes various branch trails. Rivers, forests, wetlands and villages are some of the attractions along this trail. (Photo credit: Louise Vessey / Prince Edward Island Tourism)

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Great Hiking in Canada

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

When hiking in Canada, you have so much to choose from! Created in 1936, Cape Breton Highlands National Park is 950 square kilometres in size which protects about 20 percent of northern Cape Breton. The park is home to numerous rare or threatened species as well as old growth forest. You can enjoy this special place by hiking any of the 25 trails which vary from easy to challenging and from 0.2 to 15.7 kilometres in length.

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Best Places for Hiking in Canada

Parc National du Mont-Tremblant (Mont Tremblant National Park), Quebec

There is lots to do in the scenic Parc National du Mont-Tremblant including hiking. The large provincial park is home to numerous animals, forests, lakes and streams. There are numerous trails ranging from easy to difficult and which showcase the beautiful Laurentian Mountains.

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Beautiful Hiking Spots in Canada

The Bruce Trail, Ontario

At a length of 885 kilometres, with over 400 kilometres of side trails, the Bruce Trail is the longest marked hiking trail in Canada. It is also the oldest. The scenic trail runs along the Niagara Escarpment from Queenston to Tobermory. The idea for such an extensive footpath was mentioned in 1959. The scenery of the Niagara Escarpment is stunning and so are the numerous rivers and streams that you’ll encounter.

Follow this link to discover even more best hikes in Canada.

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Great hiking locations in Canada

Beausoleil Island (Georgian Bay Islands National Park), Ontario

Georgian Bay Islands National Park consists of 63 islands along the eastern shoreline of Georgian Bay. Beausoleil Island is the largest island in the park and the only one with campsites. The approximately seven-kilometre long by 1.6-kilometre wide island also features an impressive system of 12 Canadian hiking trails that goes from one end of the island to the other accessing beaches, campsites, inland lakes and picnic areas. The Lookout Trail was completed last year and offers spectacular views of Georgian Bay and beyond. The southern part of the island features beautiful hardwood forests of maple, beech and oak trees while the rocky northern section contains coniferous trees. Hikers can access Beausoleil Island on the “Daytripper”, the park’s own vessel.

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Hiking Trails in Canada

Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Manitoba

At 184 square kilometres in size, Turtle Mountain Provincial Park consists of deciduous forests, lakes, wetlands and hills. This park is home to lots of wildlife including wolves, moose, beavers, minks, muskrats and numerous species of birds including great horned owls. Numerous hiking trails of various lengths and difficulties allow the hiker to enjoy the park’s beautiful scenery, flora and fauna. (Photo courtesy of Travel Manitoba)

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Great hiking trails in Canada

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Grasslands National Park provides a unique Canadian hiking experience and you’ll find various ways to explore the Grasslands and Badlands. There is a self-guided interpretive trail, back country hiking as well as numerous suggested routes in the park. Prairie grasslands are an endangered habitat and are home to numerous plants and animals. Many endangered species exist in this once plentiful habitat. For example, this park, and the area surrounding it, are the only places in Canada that are home to black-tailed prairie dogs.

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Western hiking trails in Canada

Moraine Lake (Banff National Park), Alberta

Although not as popular as nearby Lake Louise, Moraine Lake may be the more scenic of the two. Its beautiful turquoise colour comes from fine particles of glacial silt known as rock flour. There are several walking trails around the lake. As there may be grizzly bear activity in the area, check with Parks Canada to see if any of the hiking trails are closed. The short Rock Pile Trail offers a spectacular view of the lake and the mountains.

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Beautiful hiking trails in Canada

Garabaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia

A particularly scenic area in British Columbia is Garabaldi Lake, which is located approximately 19 kilometres south of Whistler. This alpine, turquoise-coloured lake in Garabaldi Provincial Park is mostly surrounded by mountains. Like Moraine Lake, this lake also gets its colour as a result of rock flour. There are lots of hiking opportunities in this park, which features mountains, forests, meadows and glaciers including the nine-kilometre Garabaldi Lake Trail. (Photo credit: Sydney Martin / BC Parks)