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6 Underrated Canadian Cities You Need to Visit

Looking to explore parts of Canada? Here’s a look at six Canadian cities that are worth a visit!

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Must-Visit Canadian Cities: Ladner, British ColumbiaPhoto: Shutterstock

Must-Visit Canadian Cities: Ladner, British Columbia

Must-visit Canadian cities don’t have to be big and expensive! Tucked off the Fraser River, less than 20 kilometres from the dense urban centre of Vancouver, the Village of Ladner has been around since 1873, when a wharf was built so farmers could ship produce to urban markets. A village market, a bird sanctuary, and a charming little museum are just a few of the attractions that make Ladner a quaint and splendid place to visit.

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New Westminster, British ColumbiaPhoto: Shutterstock

Must-Visit Canadian Cities: New Westminster, British Columbia

New Westminster was named by Queen Victoria, and is affectionately known as “The Royal City.” The Fraser River is one of the defining features of New Westminster. Whether you’re a lacrosse fan, a history buff, or just plain starstruck (many television shows and films have been shot here over the years), New Westminster is a fascinating city to live in and a great place to visit.

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Hamilton, OntarioPhoto: Shutterstock

Must-Visit Canadian Cities: Hamilton, Ontario

Though Hamilton is known for its heavily industrial waterfront (where the city’s steel industry is based), the 500,000-strong city also has a leafy downtown neighbourhood that’s set against a backdrop of forested escarpment and is resplendent with century homes, parkland and quaint shops.

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Kingston, OntarioPhoto: Shutterstock

Must-Visit Canadian Cities: Kingston, Ontario

Kingston is an excellent city to discover by foot. Check out some of the city’s nicest buildings and most important sites and, if you happen by on the right day, you’ll even run into the vibrant farmers’ market at Market Square or the fascinating antique market!

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Manotick, OntarioPhoto: Shutterstock

Must-Visit Canadian Cities: Manotick, Ontario

Manotick has managed to combine successful heritage preservation with massive residential development to become a unique attraction in its own right. Discover the many shops, beautiful scenery, and historical sites of this Southern Ontario town.

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Halifax, Nova ScotiaPhoto: Shutterstock

Must-Visit Canadian Cities: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax might be the biggest city in the Maritimes, but the generous-spirited people make it feel like a small town. Find out where to hear the best live music, check out historical sites, and of course, enjoy deliciously fresh seafood.