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Larger Than Life: 15 Incredible Photos of Big Things Across Canada

We asked you to capture the country’s biggest things—and you delivered. From super-sized roadside attractions to enormous rock formations, these photos from Our Canada readers are proof that bigger really *is* better!

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Giant hay stacksPhoto: Erla McCormick

Rolling giants

Erla McCormick of Sarnia, Ont., found inspiration in the hayfields of nearby Bayfield.

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Giant twisted tree rootsPhoto: Alexandra Fontaine

Twisted roots

Less than an hour drive from Vancouver lies Rolley Lake Provincial Park, where photographer Alexandra Fontaine captured these oh-so big tree roots!

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Moraine Lake in Banff, AlbertaPhoto: Kayla Cuddy

Mountains beyond mountains

Kayla Cuddy of Harlowe, Ont., writes: “These big, beautiful mountains make the rest of the world seem very small at Moraine Lake in Banff, Alberta!”

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Giant red Muskoka chairPhoto: Deb Sandau

Big chair

This giant Muskoka chair outside of the Kicking Horse Hotel in Golden, B.C., was too awesome not to take a photo of. Thanks to Deb Sandau of Red Deer for sharing!

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Cruise ship in Victoria, B.C.Photo: Mike Lane

Tourist season

Mike Lane of Saanichton, B.C., writes: “Visits by cruise ships are a time of excitement for Victorians as shops are filled by tourists. There’s a vibrancy in the whole downtown area!”

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Olympic Torch in Vancouver, B.C.Photo: Paula Eves

The torch

Paula Eves of Sarnia, Ont., captured this photo of the Olympic Cauldron in Vancouver Harbour to commemorate the 2010 Winter Games. Great shot!

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CN Tower in TorontoPhoto: Russ Hayes


With a height of 553 metres at its highest point, the CN Tower more than deserves its “big” reputation—it’s still the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, after all!

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Perry Creek Water WheelPhoto: Richard Main

Water wheel

The Perry Creek Water Wheel in Fort Steele, B.C., is 32 feet in diameter and seven feet in width. It can produce 68 horsepower to drive two water pumps, which in turn can raise 600 gallons a minute from the mine shaft.

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Athabasca Falls, AlbertaPhoto: James Pollock

Mother Nature

Alberta’s famed Athabasca Falls looks more vibrant than ever in this shot by James Pollock.

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Largest axe in CanadaPhoto: Bonnie O’Neill

A sight to behold

Rising 15 metres above the shores of the Saint John River, the world’s largest axe is also one of Canada’s most unique tourist attractions.

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Little girl conversing with a big horsePhoto: Cat Taylor

New friends

As photographer Cat Taylor’s shot proves, a photo really is worth a thousand words.

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Rock formation in AlbertaPhoto: Joyce Stolte

The big rock

November’s “Big” Theme Pic Challenge is definitely felt in this shot of Alberta’s “Okotoks Erratic.” Thanks to photographer Joyce Stolte for sharing!

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Tall trees in forestPhoto: Isabelle Marozzo

Tree fingers

Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ont., writes: “While taking a walk, I laid down and captured these trees reaching out for the sky.” Thanks for sharing, Isabelle!

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Harvest moonPhoto: Lynn Mabley

Harvest moon

Fans of autumn are definitely swooning over this photo by Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alta.

This is what late fall looks like in Western Canada.

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Giant rubber duck in TorontoPhoto: Alan Cheng

Rubber duckie

Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ont., writes: “This big inflatable rubber duck was stationed at Toronto Harbour Front in the summer of 2017 to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada!”

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