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Shades of Grey: The Best Black and White Photography From Across Canada

Colour often steals the spotlight, but there's something elegant and understated about black and white photography. Here are 25 breathtaking shots of Canada captured in glorious greyscale.

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Woman in fieldPhoto: Helen Rempel

Storm warning

This incredible shot looks like a modern, black-and-white version of an Andrew Wyeth painting. Taken near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, photographer Helen Rempel used a self-timer as she stood at the edge of a canola field.

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Battle island lighthousePhoto: Richard Main

Beacon of hope

The Maritimes don’t have a monopoly on lighthouses! Richard Main really nailed the vibe of our Theme Pic Challenge with this gorgeous photo of the Battle Island Lighthouse on Lake Superior.

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Crowsnest MountainPhoto: Tracey Halladay

Peak potential

Alberta’s Crowsnest Mountain has never looked more majestic than it does here. A truly awe-inspiring photo—thanks for sharing, Tracey!

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Moon at Regina, SaskatchewanPhoto: Wes Tollefson

Silent protector

According to Indigenous legend, the moon guards the earth at night and has the ability to change the moods and thoughts of humans. With this photo, Wes Tollefson captures the moon in all its amazing and unknowable glory.

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Lake near Mattawa Adventure Camp Photo: Tanya Allen

Lake, eerie

Photographer Tanya Allen of Ontario took this serene (yet undeniably spooky) shot from the docks at the Mattawa Adventure Camp on a cool and foggy Thanskgiving weekend.

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Mother and son walking at duskPhoto: Aiden Mahoney

Mother and son

Nothing says happiness like some quality family time. Alden Mahoney snapped this shot of his wife and son walking at dusk on Deadman’s Cove Beach in Newfoundland.

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Alberta landscapePhoto: Darlene Wuenschel

Field of dreams

The fascinating thing about a black-and-white landscape photograph is that it’s hard to tell whether it was taken yesterday, or 100 years ago. A striking testament to Alberta’s rich agricultural history.

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dale-matthies-train-stationPhoto: Dale Matthies

Station to station

Photographer Dale Matthies found black-and-white photo inspiration in the old Beach Street Station Restaurant in Goderich, Ontario.

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Maple leaves Photo: Kim MacDonald Cameron

Under the canopy

We might be biased, but we’ve never seen a maple leaf we didn’t love. Kim MacDonald Cameron took this stirring photo during a visit to Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Classic car at waterfrontPhoto: Dave Carnahan

Hot rod

Anyone in the mood for a race? Dave Carnahan of Ontario took this photograph at Cobourg’s waterfront, where a selection of vintage and classic cars can often be seen cruising.

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Man cutting woodPhoto: Linda Sweeney

Burning ambition

Linda Sweeney of New Brunswick writes: “My husband doing what loves to do in his retirement years—splitting next year’s wood!” He’s done a great job by the looks of it!

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Old gears