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40+ Stunning Shots That Showcase the Beauty of the Canadian Winter

From British Columbia to New Brunswick, these spectacular shots crystallize the stillness and tranquil beauty of the Canadian winter.

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Beauty of the Canadian winter photography - bridge

Image Credits: Photo: Dan Pearson

Frosty Footbridge

Need motivation to get outdoors this winter? Check out this spectacular scenery! Dan Pearson of Regina snapped this lovely shot on his morning walk along the Devonian Pathway through nearby A.E. Wilson Park.

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Trains in Canadian winter landscape

Image Credits: Photo: Anne Doerksen

Iconic Symbol

“I think when someone sees a CN train, they automatically think Canada,” says Anne Doerksen of Carrot River, Sask. “I like the colours of the train against the white frosted trees in this photo. I’m reminded of years gone by when the old steam engine trains would roll across the vast Prairie landscape.”

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Red autumn leaves

Image Credits: Photo: Emiliano Joanes

Competing Seasons

“After a heavy overnight snowfall, this was the scene that greeted me the next morning,” shares Emiliano Joanes of St. Hubert, Que. “The trapped autumn leaves created an interesting composition which prompted me to snap the photo.”

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Pebble Beach along Lake Superior

Image Credits: Photo: Megan Koevoet

Classic Beauty

“I took this photo during March break on the shores of Lake Superior in Marathon, Ont.,” writes Megan Koevoet of Whitefish Falls, Ont. “My twin sister and I decided to explore Pebble Beach after an ice storm. This pic depicts the beauty and power of Lake Superior and our northern winters.”

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Improvised ice rink on local pond

Image Credits: Photo: Paul Sinclair

Back in the Day

“While driving to Algonquin Park, I spotted this hockey rink on Opeongo Lake,” says Paul Sinclair of Lindsay, Ont. “As I pulled my car over to take a pic, I flashed back to playing hockey every Saturday morning on a local pond. It brought back some of my fondest childhood memories.”

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Canadian flag in frozen winter landscape

Image Credits: Photo: Leonard Heinonen

Patriotic View

“Nothing says Canada more than our country’s flag, which really pops against this cold, snowy backdrop here in Lethbridge,” writes Leonard Heinonen of Lethbridge, Alta.

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John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area

Image Credits: Photo: Lynne Morand

Time Travel

Lynne Morand of Tecumseh, Ont., shares this starkly beautiful image taken at John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area, a popular historic site in Harrow, Ont.

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Winter barn

Image Credits: Photo: Lindsay McIntosh-Mainville


Lindsay McIntosh-Mainville of Maxville, Ont., writes, “This barn was located on land my parents purchased in the area about 35 years ago. It used to house young heifers for the winter months. It was torn down in 2018 and a new one erected in its place.”

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Canadian winter

Image Credits: Photo: Deana McNeish

Let There Be Light

“I love night photography but it can be a challenge when it comes to portraits,” shares Deana McNeish of Airdrie, Alta. “I fell in love with ‘light painting’ photography as it allows me to combine my love of both.”

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Ice hotel in Quebec City

Image Credits: Photo: Roger Lafontaine


“This shot was taken at the Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Quebec City,” writes Roger Lafontaine of Cornwall, Ont. The entire structure and everything in it is made of ice—the lights really enhance the effect.”

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Tree in winter landscape

Image Credits: Photo: Sheldon Hoffman

Midnight Delight

Sheldon Hoffman of Yorkton, Sask., captured this beautiful image late one night at nearby York Lake.

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Stony Plain, Alberta

Image Credits: Photo: Mark Verge

Bright Lights, Big City

Mark Verge of Stony Plain, Alta., sent along this amazing shot he took one cold, winter Edmonton night. “Edmonton has an amazing skyline, including the new Walterdale Bridge that replaced the old one,” says Mark.

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Fire in the sky

Image Credits: Photo: Brandon Born

Fire in the Sky

“My brother and I were trying to create an image that included ‘light painting’ beneath the northern lights,” explains Brandon Born of Cold Lake, Alta. “Here, we lit ultra-fine steel wool on fire to create the sparks, while also using EL (electroluminescent) wire to create the red glow in the foreground. Using a remote trigger and having the shutter open for a minute to gather all the different sources of light resulted in this pic.”

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Lake Minnewanka in Banff

Image Credits: Photo: John Kearsley

Beauty in Isolation

“The combination of the ‘cold’ colours of the mountains, snow, sky and the boathouse are what caught my eye in this scene,” says John Kearsley of Calgary. “I took this photo on frozen Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park.”

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Image Credits: Photo: Donna Lowe

Frosty Trek

“This barn stands about a mile from my parents’ homestead near Roblin, Man.,” writes Donna Lowe of Brandon, Man. “It’s been empty for as long as I can remember, but it’s still in great condition. On a cold winter day a couple of Christmases ago, when the hoarfrost was thick, I decided to take a walk to photograph it. The wind was at my back when I trekked out to capture this shot, but it was a cold walk back home—still worth the trip, though!”

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Canadian winter

Image Credits: Photo: Krystal Drotar

Magical Transformation

“I love this image of frost coating the trees, which I snapped in my backyard, as it shows how beautiful and intriguing even a frigidly cold winter day in Manitoba can be,” writes Krystal Drotar of Brandon, Man.

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Dog in winter landscape

Image Credits: Photo: Melissa Connors

Wait for Me!

“I snapped this shot of my dog Iggi and cat Dood during a snowstorm on one of our daily walks,” shares Melissa Connors of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. “There is a special connection between these two: Dood follows Iggi everywhere!”

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Canadian winter

Image Credits: Photo: Leone Lund

The View from Above

“I captured this photo on Valentine’s Day, 2018, on the shore of Kootenay Lake,” says Leone Lund of Gray Creek, B.C. “Winters can be grey out here, but when the sun comes out it’s spectacular! This is the view from our deck overlooking our neighbours’ place and Kootenay Lake itself. The lake never freezes over in winter and if you’re the hardy type, that’s when fishing can be at its best.”

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Three snowmen

Image Credits: Photo: Breanne Vanwart

A Family Affair

“Not long ago, thanks to a little teamwork, my husband and I, along with our two young sons, built three giant snow-people in front of my in-laws’ home,” shares Breanne Vanwart of Penhold, Alta. “No matter how old I get, rolling heavy wet snow makes me feel like a kid again. I get even more joy from watching my children explore the white blanket that keeps Canada cozy all winter long.”

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Kelowna, British Columbia

Image Credits: Photo: Lily Law

Big White

Lily Law of Toronto writes, “While skiing with my family at Big White in Kelowna, B.C., I managed to capture this shot on New Year’s Eve day in 2018, while the sun was at its highest peak.”

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Canadian winter in Pickering, Ontario

Image Credits: Photo: John Stager

Finding the Beauty in the Canadian Winter

“I took this photo at Petticoat Creek here in Pickering, Ontario,” says John Stager. “I hiked here the day after a major snowstorm and, as sunset approached, I captured this beautiful image of the snow-covered bridge with the sun beginning to set in the distance. It’s not my favourite season weather-wise, but I do love winter landscapes and these kinds of sights really highlight the beauty of the Canadian winter.”

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Canadian winter - a frost covered tree

Image Credits: Photo: Nicole Watson

Morning Frost

Nicole Watson of Kingston, Ontario, snapped this stunning pic while out for a morning drive. “This tree caught my eye,” says Nicole. “There was a low-lying fog and the sun was peeking out just enough to kiss the frost-covered branches.”

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Canadian winter sky

Image Credits: Photo: Jackie Gartner

Winter Sky

Jackie Gartner of Lloydminster, Alberta, shares this starkly beautiful shot that she captured on a back road near St. Walburg, Saskatchewan.

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Canadian winter cemetery

Image Credits: Photo: Marcel Gingras

A Quiet Moment

Marcel Gingras of Montreal shares this lovely image, writing, “This was taken in Our Lady of Mont Carmel cemetery on Prince Edward Island. It was our first trip to the island in winter and the light was beautiful that day. It was so peaceful; not a sound could be heard.”

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Snowblower in the Canadian winter

Image Credits: Photo: Shawn Cormier

Canadian Rainbow

Shawn Cormier of Moncton, New Brunswick, shares this quintessentially Canadian winter shot!

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Canadian winter in Goderich, Ontario

Image Credits: Photo: Dale Matthies

Windswept on Lake Huron

Dale Matthies of Goderich, Ontario, snapped this frosty pic last winter along the Goderich Beach shoreline.

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Canadian winter in Lac Brompton, Quebec

Image Credits: Photo: Russ Hayes

Ice Diamonds

Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec, captured this eye-catching image of the sparkling ice crystals coating the frozen surface of nearby Lac Brompton.

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Canadian winter ptarmigans

Image Credits: Photo: Audrey Henderson

Barely There

These three ptarmigans are perfectly camouflaged to blend in with their wintry surroundings! Audrey Henderson of Yellowknife snapped this amazing shot in her yard on a cold winter day several years ago.

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Canadian winter: New Brunswick


Cold Comfort

Cathy Martin of Miramichi, New Brunswick, writes, “I love this farm in New Jersey, New Brunswick. It is a short drive from my home and I go just to have a look at it each season. I am not a fan of winter, but I try to get out and find the beauty in it. This farm really provided a postcard-perfect view of winter on a bright, cold day.”

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Canadian Winter: Bulkley Valley, British Columbia


The Height of Beauty

Edith Beerda of Smithers, British Columbia, says, “I love this photo because a good part of Canada experiences snowy winters, and what could be more beautiful than a crisp, sunny, winter day? It makes the temperature seem not so bad. On this day, the Bulkley Valley was covered in a blanket of fog, but as we drove up the hill, all of a sudden the sky cleared and we were able to drink in this beautiful view—it was a sight to behold!”

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Canadian winter: Brandon, Manitoba

Image Credits: Photo: Sarah Sobry

After the Storm

“When the snowstorm ended and it had warmed up to a balmy -20 degrees Celsius, I was able to get outside to snap this image,” shares Sarah Sobry of Brandon, Manitoba. “The low light from the setting sun shone through the trees, creating a beautiful pattern on the ground.”

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Canadian winter: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Image Credits: Photo: Dan Ventrudo

Kings of the Mountain

“I snapped this pic of my son Anderson (right) and his friend Cayd as they were having a great time playing atop what seems like the world’s largest snow pile,” writes Dan Ventrudo of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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Canadian winter: Coaldale, Alberta

Image Credits: PHOTO: E.J. THIESSEN

A Kiss from the Canadian Winter

E.J. Thiessen of Coaldale, Alberta, shares this awesome image, writing: “Last January, Jack Frost painted this southern Alberta landscape with icing-sugar-like frost—the result was jaw-dropping.”

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Canadian winter: Lake Nipissing, Ontario

Image Credits: Photo: Marlene Parker

Intrepid Explorer

Marlene Parker of Campbellton, New Brunswick, shares this adorable photo, writing: “This is my then-one-year-old granddaughter Dahlia out for an afternoon excursion on Lake Nipissing, Ontario. It looks more like she’s crawling along the surface of the moon!”

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Canadian winter: Canadian Rockies

Image Credits: Photo: Gillian Reain

Majestic Mountains

Gillian Reain of Waterloo, Ontario, writes, “Last year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Alberta and explore more of our beautiful country. I snapped this photo upon seeing the incredible Canadian Rockies for the very first time. I had seen them in pictures before, but to see them in person was truly an amazing experience that I think every Canadian should have the opportunity to enjoy. Our Canada is vast, beautiful and scenic, and I think this picture perfectly represents that.”

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Canadian winter

Image Credits: Photo: Linda Swance

Iced Over

Linda Swance of Burlington, Ont., captured this amazing shot of Hamilton Harbour (formerly Burlington Bay) the morning after a night of freezing rain.

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Street lamp in winter

Image Credits: Photo: Norma Keith

Frosted Glass

Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ont., snapped this pic of a street lamp encased in ice—very cool!

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Park bench in winter

Image Credits: Photo: Edith Beerda

A Chilly Reception

Edith Beerda of Smithers, B.C., took this great shot of an ice-encrusted bench while visiting Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission, B.C.

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Sunset shining through icicles

Image Credits: Photo: Marilyn Kamstra

Through the Ice

Marilyn Kamstra of Tottenham, Ont., shares this lovely image of viewing the sunset through a veil of icicles.

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Freezing rain on flora

Image Credits: Photo: Barbara Brown

Frigid Flora

Barbara Brown of Ilderton, Ont., shares a beautiful shot showing the effect freezing rain had on this clump of Queen Anne’s lace.

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Ice sculpture

Image Credits: Photo: Russ Hayes

Ice Sculpture

Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Que., snapped this image of ice-covered beauty along the shore of Lac Memphrémagopg in Magog, Que.

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Farm road in winter

Image Credits: Photo: Beth Thomander

The Road Less Travelled

Beth Thomander of Beaver Bank, N.S., writes, “While on a weekend away with our son Grant at a hockey tournament in Thorburn, N.S., an ice storm hit overnight. The following day, I managed to capture a shot of this gorgeous farm down a side road.“

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Bird house

Image Credits: Photo: Kevin Pashuk

Winter Wildlife

Photography buff Kevin Pashuk of Oakville, Ont., writes, “I am rarely without my camera, which helps me capture the things that capture my attention. I am not a professional photographer, but rather a curator of the curious, the small details that many may miss in their busy lives.”

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Shipwreck replica

Image Credits: Photo: Kevin Pashuk

Stolen Moments

Kevin Pashuk of Oakville, Ont., captured this replica of La Grande Hermine near Jordan, Ont.

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Snow-covered rose

Image Credits: Photo: Kevin Pashuk

A Snow-Covered Rose

Kevin Pashuk of Oakville, Ont., writes, “Birds aren’t the only thing to photograph in the wintertime. Winter brings a beauty of its own!”

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Ice-fishing in the Canadian winter

Image Credits: Photo: Nicholas Taffs

A Cool Perspective

Nicholas Taffs of Airdrie, Alta., snapped this self-portrait while ice fishing on Badger Lake near Lomond, Alta. “This day, I’d taken my then- one-year-old daughter Olivia on her very first trip to the lake,” shares Nicholas. “Fishing was always a family affair growing up and I plan to do the same with my daughter.”

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Mountain climbing in the Canadian Rockies

Image Credits: Photo: Alicia Strelkov

A Spectacular View

Alicia Strelkov of Olds, Alta., writes, “My husband Neil and I love hiking in the Rocky Mountains. We also love photography; so much so that I will carry an extra 30 pounds of camera equipment on my hikes. On this cold winter day, we were hiking the Johnston Canyon trail in Banff National Park. I spotted this amazing ice climber, who first appeared to be a small dot, till I looked through my camera lens. I then saw not only the beautiful blue tones in the ice but also the contrasting colours of the climber. It made my day even more special.“

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Playing fetch in the Canadian winter

Image Credits: Photo: Taylor Cotnam

A Fetching Photo

Taylor Cotnam of Thorold, Ont., writes, ”After my mom and I heard about the amazing ice formations at nearby Crystal Beach, we had to check it out. I snapped this photo of a man playing fetch with his dog on a part of Lake Erie that had frozen over.“

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