Contributor’s Guidelines

Our Canada is full of true stories and photos sent in by readers across the country for other Canadians to enjoy. Any appropriate photo or story is welcome at any time.

Our editorial style is relaxed and conversational, so please write your submission the way you’d relate it to a friend. Since most of the magazine is written by “regular” people like you – readers eager to share their own stories – we do not employ the services of freelance writers.

Because our features don’t often run more than 600 words (and many submissions run much shorter than that), we can’t take the time to read lengthy submissions or books.

Before you send anything:

Be sure the first page of your submission contains your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address, if you have one. Don’t forget to write your name and address on the back of each photo, preferably with soft pencil or marker, and identify any information you have regarding the who, what and when of the photo. You’re welcome to send a photocopy of an original photo (for reference only, since photocopies cannot be reproduced for publication). Or, we recommend that you first have a reprint made of cherished photos before you send them. If we’re able to use your story, we’ll ask to borrow the original or a sharp reprint. If you use e-mail, you can send a JPG image (in the highest resolution possible!).

We invite Canadians to tell their own true-life stories, whether they’re about the most beloved person in your community, your most embarrassing moment, or how you got your garden looking so good. We’re especially glad to get humorous anecdotes. We will accept previously published material, as long as the story had minimal exposure and as long as you retain the rights.

We also publish a limited amount of short fiction, creative nonfiction and the occasional poem within our Writer’s Block department, as well as original children’s stories on our Storytime page. Click here for details and to submit.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, and in an effort to involve as many contributors as possible, we often edit or excerpt longer stories. Any submission may also be considered for publication in an Our Canada promotional piece or on our website.

To say thank you

When your story or photo is published, we’ll offer you a one-year free gift subscription to Our Canada. You can keep this subscription for yourself, or pass it along to someone of your choice. Don’t worry if you are already a subscriber and would like to keep this gift-we’ll simply add the new subscription to the end of your existing one.


Original submissions become the property of Reader’s Digest Magazines Canada Limited and its affiliates upon publication. Submissions may be edited for length and clarity and may be reproduced in all print and electronic media.


We can’t acknowledge submissions or return photos,
so please send copies. Contributors will ONLY be contacted in the event that their stories/photos are chosen for publication.

Mail your submission to:

Our Canada
P.O. Box 988,
STN Main, Markham,
Ont., L3P 0M1

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