Winter Fun for the Family at the FXR Kawartha Cup Snowcross Race

Riders and spectators alike thrill to the action and excitement of this annual event.

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FXR Kawartha Cup Snowcross Race
Photo: Kevin Derrick

Fantastic photography from the FXR Kawartha Cup Snowcross Race

Photography in Canada is a true treat; we are blessed with amazing scenery everywhere we look. Spring, summer and fall all offer up their own unique photographic opportunities—winter, on the other hand, can be a challenging time.

For me, winter is the time when my photography business is at its slowest, which means it is the season that affords me the most amount of free time to enjoy photography just for the fun of it.

After days of photographing snow-covered woods, frozen lakes and streams, and wading through snowdrifts with frozen “shutter fingers,” I came across an announcement for a snowmobile event. Last year’s FXR Kawartha Cup Snowcross Race took place on February 16, in Lindsay, Ontario, close to where I live in the Kawarthas.

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FXR Kawartha Cup Snowcross Race - snowmobiles taking air
Photo: Kevin Derrick

A family-friendly event

Held at the Lindsay Exhibition Grounds on a snow track, this is truly a family event. Riders from the expert-pro competition level down to the youngest participants at just four years of age, are all out to have a great time.

Specialty classes are offered for kids, with novice, junior and sport-class riders on the track in the morning. The main races are held in the afternoon.

These stunning shots showcase the beauty of the Canadian winter.

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FXR Kawartha Cup Snowcross Race - snowmobile racer
Photo: Kevin Derrick

Fun for all ages

The youngest category, from four to six years of age, are in the 120cc class with a top speed of 12 mph, then things speed up with the six-to-ten-year-olds in the 120cc class with speeds up to 18 mph.

The novice classes go up to age 17; the engine size can max out at 600cc but safety is a factor and the machines are modified with speed-limiters.

Seeing the smiles and the concentration on the faces of these young drivers made my day and they sure had a great time.

Find out what it’s like snowmobiling through southwestern Ontario.

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FXR Kawartha Cup Snowcross racers
Photo: Kevin Derrick

Admiring the pros

The real action came when the pros hit the track. The drivers spent as much time in the air as they did on the snow. These colourful, high tech snowmobiles bear only a slight resemblance to the Ski-Doo Olympic I last rode!

For me, it was a great change of pace from photographing snowy landscapes, and having a place to warm up in the building behind the stands was also welcome. The events run across Ontario and are held by the Canadian Snowcross Racing Association.

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