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Looking for Canadian travel inspiration? From dreamy destinations to bucket list experiences, Travel Canada is your guide to the best the Great White North has to offer.

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Exploring Ontario’s Beautiful Grey Bruce Region

Sylvain Champagne of Southampton, Ontario, takes us on a photographic tour of the famed Grey Bruce area of the province.

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Canada in Bloom: Stunning Flower Photography From Across the Country

After a seemingly endless winter, nothing beats the vibrant colours of Canada in bloom! Check out this gallery of spectacular...

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The Most Stunning Botanical Garden in Every Province

After the long winter, treat yourself with a stroll through one of Canada's most impressive botanical gardens.

What My Canadian Tire Money Collection Means to Me

What’s a woman to do when her beloved bill collection goes digital? Take a nostalgic look back at this uniquely...

10 Victoria Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Planning a trip to the picturesque and historic B.C. capital? Here are 10 Victoria attractions worth adding to your itinerary.

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What I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to Montreal

Moving from one Canadian city to the next can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips to consider before moving...

A Breathtaking Helicopter Tour of the Canadian Rockies

Soaring high above the Canadian Rockies in a helicopter was a vacation highlight for this Maritime girl.

This Is the Life of a Mohawk Fisherman

For Eric McComber of Kahnawake, keeping the tradition alive is tough, dangerous work—but worth it in so many ways.

A Leprechaun Trap For St. Patrick’s Day

As the country went into its first lockdown in March 2020, this Ontario family found comfort in a special St....

This is What Winter in Ottawa Looks Like

With camera in hand, Paula Brown plays tourist in her own city, capturing the breathtaking beauty of winter in Ottawa.

Keeping an Eye Out For Antique Eyecups

Once a staple in most medicine cabinets, these wee wonders are fun to collect. The best part? It's not an...

This Is What it Was Like Living in Saskatchewan in the 1930s

Despite the hardships, the memories of farm life in the small town of Balcarres during the Great Depression will never...

Jewel of the West: Photographing the Grizzlies of Great Bear Rainforest

One of the world’s largest remaining coastal temperate rainforests, Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is home to rich ecosystems,...

Shades of Grey: The Best Black and White Photography From Across Canada

Colour often steals the spotlight, but there's something elegant and understated about black and white photography. Here are 25 breathtaking...

Exploring Fairy Hole Cave—Cape Breton’s Best-Kept Secret

The lore and legend of Fairy Hole Cave haunted Andrea MacEachern from childhood. It wasn't until years later that she...

The Long Road to Canada

After my family was forced to leave Uganda in the 1970s, coming to Canada became my life-long dream. Here's how...

Those Three Little Words

Remembering to say “I love you” can make all the difference in the world.

Exploring the Scarborough Bluffs on Lake Ontario

For more than 50 years, the Scarborough Bluffs have held a special place in my heart.

This is What Love Looks Like Across Canada

Love really is all around! Whether it's a kiss between sweethearts, or a cuddle with the family pooch, this heartwarming...

How One Woman in Petty Harbour is Bringing Newfoundlanders Back to Their Fishing Roots

With Fishing For Success in Petty Harbour, Newfoundlander Kimberley Orren hopes to bring women, children and a sense of community...

Why Newfoundland is the Kindest Province

When this vacationing family found themselves in need of a car in Newfoundland, a local's random act of kindness left...

Sharing the Untold Stories of Black History in Canada

How historian Dr. Dorothy Williams is bringing Black History in Canada to life for the next generation of Canadians.

50 Canadians Reveal What Their “Happy Place” Looks Like

We challenged you to share your "happy place"—that magical spot where you feel your calmest and most comfortable—and you delivered!...

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50+ Stunning Shots That Showcase the Beauty of the Canadian Winter

From British Columbia to New Brunswick, these spectacular shots crystallize the stillness and tranquil beauty of the Canadian winter.

This is What Winter Looks Like in Alberta and Saskatchewan

By embracing the challenges of winter photography, Saskatoon's Dean McLeod captures frozen landscapes of breathtaking beauty.

This Photographer Spent Months Bonding With a Spectacular Canada Lynx

Imagine bonding with and photographing a Canada lynx in the wild. With plenty of patience and respect for the privacy...

This Story of Two Pen Pals Will Warm Your Heart

Eleanor was from the Prairies and Lois was from Newfoundland, but the distance didn't stop these two pen pals from...