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Caption Corner – October/November 2012

Joe-Anne McMillan of Dunchurch, Ont., writes: “We took in Chelsea (large dog), and three weeks later she gave birth to

What Is It – October/November 2012

Rita Dwornik of Welland, Ont., sent in this photo of a forged steel object that her husband bought from a

Drinking in the View, a Stein Collection

With a German background, Bev Weston of Lumsden, Sask., has a great interest in all things German. Though she doesn't...

Top 10 Celebrity Destinations in Canada

Yearning to spot some stars? We'll give you a little taste of the luxury and limelight, and show you the...

What Is It – September 2012

Ben Gossage of Sydenham, Ont., writes, “This item was purchased at an antique auction. It’s made of cast iron and

Caption Corner – September 2012

Karen Thain of Dryden, Ont., writes, “This is a picture of my son Joshua. His brother, Jacob, and himself found

Raising Awareness for RLS

Donna Payne of Westerose, Alta., has been using her beautiful garden to host many parties, but her favourite event is...

Caption Corner – August/September 2012

Got a catchy caption for this photo? Kimberly Monsos of Louis Creek, B.C., writes, “This photo of my daughter, Gavin

What Is It – August/September 2012

Betti McLellan of Calgary writes, “I’m wondering if anyone knows what this tool is, or was used for? As you

Top 10 Strange Places in Canada

From thousands of snakes to thousands of feet above earth, these strange, wild and unusual destinations make Canada one of...

A Carousel of Stories

The community of Roseneath, Ont., rallied together to save a local treasure, some by adopting horses from their treasured

Canada’s Top 10 Beaches

Head down to the water and feel the sand beneath your toes, because we've rounded up the 10 best beaches...

War of 1812 Bicentennial Events

It's the anniversary of the War of 1812 and there is everything from re enactments and Pow wows to homemade...

Caption Corner – July 2012

Got a catchy caption for this photo? Ellen Charron of Windsor calls this picture “Celebrating Canada Day,” and adds, “I

What Is It? – July 2012

Jacoba Winger of Ridgeway, Ont., writes, “This bowl, given to me by an 85-year-old lady, is more than 100 years

Canada’s Top 13 Golf Courses

From coast to coast to coast, these homemade golf courses are well worth the drive. 

Whats Is It? – June/July 2012

Mary Ritchie of Kelowna, B.C., writes, “While visiting my long-standing friend, Joyce Fleming, in Winnipeg, she showed me this strange

Caption Corner – June/July 2012

Mike Lane of Saanichton, B.C., says, “Last June, I went to a cycling event called JumpShip. Mountain bike riders took

Glass Half Full

Kenneth Glenn Hardman of Calgary, always looks at life as a glass half full and doesn't let his disability, polio,...

8 Camping Tech Toys and Apps

Nervous about unplugging for that camping weekend? Relax. In the great outdoors, a little technology goes a long way.

The Flip Side

Are you stuck in a house full of smelly boys, the opposite of this Dad's situation?

Caption Corner – May 2012

Got a catchy caption for this cute photo?

What Is It? – May 2012

Can you help Kathy Harness of Carman, Man., figure out what this object is?

Caption Corner – April/May 2012

Got a catchy caption for this photo?

What Is It? – April/May 2012

Can anyone help the Norris's figure out what this mystery item is used for?

What Is It? – March 2012

Darlene Hands of Creston, B.C., writes, “My father, Bill Williamson, is now more than 90 years old and still talks

Caption Corner – March 2012

Danelle Boychuk of Woking, Alta., shares this adorable photo of her son, Kolby-the referee-happy to drop the puck for his