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This Retired Bus Driver Draws Hilarious Cartoons Based on His Experiences

Driving a bus in the ’60s provided lots of fodder for a few chuckles.

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Bus cartoonIllustration: Len Knutson

Drawn from Experience

Back in 1967, while working as a bus driver for Canadian Coachways, I did a regular run between Prince Rupert and Prince George, B.C., and was a contributing editor from my division to the company’s newsletter. In my efforts to provide an interesting read and a chuckle or two, I drew and submitted cartoons for several of the issues. I received a number of favourable comments on my artistic ability.

I have been retired for a number of years now, but I still have a flair for the arts as a sketch artist for my own enjoyment. Hopefully these cartoons bring a smile to the faces of Our Canada readers as well. Check out more below!

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Bus cartoonIllustration: Len Knutson

Excessive Celebrations

“Well, I’m glad to know SOMEBODY’S been celebrating my birthday!”

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Bus cartoonIllustration: Len Knutson

The (Canadian) Honeymooners

“I’ve gotta be at the depot in 10 minutes, dear, here’s your breakfast in bed!”

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Bus cartoonIllustration: Len Knutson

The Passenger’s Always Right

“And here’s a nickel. That makes twenty-two; and another penny makes twenty-three, and…”

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Originally Published in Our Canada